Being told not to film or take photos! (Rant)

This is just a rant.
So I went to Sony today and was just looking around at some cameras. I was actually interested in getting that new Sony ZV1. They only had poster of it there with the price and all. So, I whipped out my phone to take a picture of the advertisement when one of the Sony staff comes up to me and gestures me not to take photos.
I then ask him, “But I’m just taking a photo of the price so I can remember it,” and he then voices out, “You’re not allowed to take photos of anything here. If you want to know the price, then go to our website” Feeling disappointed and confused, I just stormed out.

I get it that there are policies but that’s still an ass move! I mean a camera shop that doesn’t allow you to take pictures? What are they hiding?

I love the Sony brand and feel really disappointed that this happened :frowning:

Thank you for reading my rant ! Have a great week ahead :smile:


That’s super weird


That’s rlly absurd and so not cool. I’m sorry you were treated so poorly. F that place.

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Lol that’s so weird wtf?
I guess I sort of get it in a way? I work at a high end boutique and we tell people not to take pictures of the prices because there’s a chance they’d find a cheaper version elsewhere.
But it’s Sony and their prices aren’t a secret like at all lmao


Seconded. W the actual f.

Never heard of that policy. Can you imagine that in like an Apple store?

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This happens everywhere. Company espionage is a thing, and they don’t take chances that you aren’t a spy for their competitor. It’s super dumb but that’s the reason, most likely.


Oh yeah, I may have missed out a key detail. This happened in Malaysia.

@Maddy_lions Yes, it was really awkward for me.
@rommie Haha. F that dude!
@dom wtf indeed!
@Nicolette Yeah, I was more interested in the package deals too. Not just the price.
@Jaurshe I know right. This is the 21st century and everyone has a camera with them. Plus if this happened in Apple, they would have got a lawsuit by now…lol
@evyncollins I’m not agent 326…7…hmmnnn…i mean a spy. I swear…lol. However, if I really wanted to spy on them, I would have just left the video recorder on on my phone and had it rest in my shirt pocket.