Being Able to Sort by Comments, Likes, Mentions, Etc

Now here’s one thing I really wish we had above all else. With everything shoved into one section in the notifications tab, things can get really crowded, and I find it all too common that I’ll miss out on people mentioning me in comments or to check out their posts because my notifications are crowded with other stuff in the Notifs tab.

I wish there were subsections in the notifications tab, like three tabs within the tab. Like if you swiped right, you could see just all the comments on your posts, and if you swiped right again, you could see all of your mentions. Then another tab for likes. And on the far left is just all the notifications together. Something along those lines…just anything to keep things more organized would be nice.

Any ideas? Feedback? Opinions? :^)


i agree. it’s annoying having to scroll all the way down to see any mentions.

for the time being, you can click on your bytes to see your comments.


I’ve thought of this idea similar to this but mines were about dashboard and analytics💡 — sort videos with most liked, viewed, commented, etc. Track how people mentioned you on Byte etc


I’ve seen this idea suggested a few times here, and I like it a lot. If one of your videos takes off, the notifications page becomes crowded. I’d really like a separate Comments tab there because I often like to reply back, and sometimes I miss things that scroll by in the Notifications.

Another thing that might help is to group a contiguous series of likes for a particular byte togeher. For example, instead of showing 30 individual likes for a single byte in a row, show a single line that says “Dom and 29 other people liked your post” then if you tap on that it’ll show you a list of the 30 people grouped in that notification. That would also help clean up the Notifications section.


THIS!!! Is everything x