Been posting v*** on Instagram daily

Ever since the forum started I’ve been really hyped about this app. So i’ve been posting on my Instagram mroe vine stuff lately instead of normal 1 min videos. Anyone else started the ball rolling just for the f of it?

*v2 because it’s not affiliated with vine at all

i mean vine cam. The app? Not saying in relation to the name

Ooh ok i get you fam but still

But same im so hypeeddd

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nice man u do you

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I wanna do me too

Like this comment if you want v2 to come out this month like the first one did

Unfortunately, I didn’t create content on Vine when it was alive, but i’m really looking forward to posting on V2. I assume that they’ll both have a similar style of video formatting so does anyone have any knowledge or advice on how they were made before hand? Is it just through the apps camera or was additional software necessary to add music or other features?

I’m not to sure about special effects and editing but the ones that got popular on vine used a the phone camera or actual cameras and edited it on a laptop I think because there was a camera for vine that was like the vine camera app that they have now