Been A While/Thoughts

Oi , it’s been a while since I’ve come on here and want to ask and discuss some things about the app. 1.) At the beginning of the app the quality of videos was perfect and I had no problems, but sometime along the updates (don’t know when) the quality of videos I upload was downgraded … 2.) When will messaging finally come to this app? I mean by no means do I have an idea of what it takes to make an app, but I would think by now they would have incorporated it into the app (not meaning this in a mean way, just curious)… that’s all I got for now, hopefully someone working on the app sees this, thx

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I think we’ll be getting dms pretty soon


If you Search “Video Quality” a number of topics come up about lower quality uploads. I’d suggest reading through those.

This topic talks about direct messages.

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I have not gotten that update yet so I am either someone who is not part of the test group or jus might be getting it eventually