Beef with Dom (the sequel)

You lied to me Dom. I got a 4.

(However you ARE forgiven somewhat because I got a 5 on English Language)


congrats! you have plenty of time to brush up on USH


A 4 is better than a 1 i suppose. :joy: You did give me some confidence for the test, so for that I thank you


Wow this is a very wholesome thread


congrats on not failing :partying_face::point_right::point_left:


APUSH test was the only AP test I ever got a 5 on in high school. Everything else was 4 or 3 pretty much lol


It’s ok, i failed environmental. They cant all be winners


sits quietly with my 2 because I fell asleep and my essays were literally just a pile of drool


I got a 5 in APUSH out of spite because my teacher was a horrible sexist who thought watching YouTube videos of durian fruit and not letting his female students answer questions more than three times, even if the boys had no response, constituted teaching.
A 4, and that 5 in literature are amazing!


i worked so hard on my essay and :pensive:


Tbh I really hated the class and the teacher and I could really care less about the exam. In the end, my college didn’t take the credits from those kinds of classes so :woman_shrugging:t5:


It doesn’t make sense, I did like 95 percent of the work the whole year and I studied and shit. make it make sense :pensive:

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Yeah that don’t make no sense fam :thinking: I didn’t do any of the work and took a nap every class once I found out that the class wasn’t going to affect my GPA in any way

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Bruh literally me with AP US gov :sob: I fell asleep and when I woke up, so many people were staring at me. It was hella embarrassing lmao


I could NEVER. I have a fear of public sleeping. Is that weird?? I’m always afraid that I’ll snore or talk in my sleep


No that’s not weird at allll. I have that too but I was way too tired and couldn’t resist :sob: it was awful lmao

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APUSH is the only test that I didn’t take because I thought the teacher was trash. I got a D in his class meanwhile I’m an A student. Then a bunch of people from my class got good scores and said it was easy and I was like :triumph:

I mean, I once punched a dude in front of me in my science class because I dreamt I was a secret agent. And I bet I have the girl behind me in math class had nightmares because I have the tendency to vibrate intensely when I sleep.

When you tired, you tired- and sleep claims you quickly :woman_shrugging:t5:

I think I fell asleep once in class, like in 8th grade. :eye::eye: my friend kicked me as hard as she could to wake me up instead of just … nudging me

I got a flat 1 on AP World but I easily got a 5 for AP Computer Science! All of it just depends on where your actual interests are I guess.