Becoming less active

So I’ve found myself becoming MUCH less active on Byte. Engagement on content seems flat/non existent and it feels like there’s not much of an audience for my humor/content

Has anyone else been feeling Byte becoming kind of…flat?


Yep. And like the collapse of vine taught us, being a one trick pony is a bad idea. If content creation and comedy is what you want to do you should start thinking about how your craft translates into other platforms and different formats.

That does not mean leave behind byte. That just means develop your craft so it’s adaptable, and when all your eggs aren’t in the byte basket you will not stress about when your engagement dips.

Also remember, the best way to get engagement is to give it.


Engrave this on a plaque, put it on a shirt, carve it onto the moon and burn this into your brain, folks.