Becoming aware of unmentioned creators (and how it can affect mental health)

That’s excellent.
I’m happy to hear this! Continue to grow!


Someone with a big ego, yes.
Someone with a small ego, no.


It’s an excellent thread with a very important message. :innocent:
We can work on this as a community! We got this.


True, depends on the person.

Deleted my previous reply cause I didn’t read the full context, sorry :sweat_smile:


yeah I never got mentioned either. But thats fine with me just means I gotta work harder I would guess but a little mention would be nice.


Honestly, it’s based on users’ preferences on what videos they enjoy or the creator they enjoy. Many have different tastes for content vs. creators which varies; when other creators are left out, it’s intentional.

I wouldn’t mind if my name wasn’t mentioned but long as I’m making a positive impact on some1s life (e.g. Simile, laugh, etc.)


I told Pac this yesterday and I want you all to think on this:
You can definitely work harder if you want to, but I had to take a break fairly recently because I was too focused on what everyone else would want to see and not focused enough on just being myself. That being said: you shouldn’t focus on trying too hard to read people’s minds and match a pace that doesn’t reflect who you are as a person.
Be genuine. It’s easy to spot when it’s too forced.
I know rejection and I know feeling left out…I understand those feelings very well.
Just remember your own boundaries and your own mental health when making content…and remember that it is so much easier to just be you and let people gravitate to you that way.

My stuff isn’t grade A content but it’s real…it’s who I am thru and thru…and I had to step back and realize that nobody wants the forced, stiff version of myself.

Edited to add: it’s become apparent that my changes since coming back with a renewed viewpoint has not only positively impacted my byte account, but my interactions with others here in the forums and in the discord.


Neefers can confirm Alli is real af in her Bytes


This is a beautifully thought out statement. Mental health awareness is HUGE when posting on social media.

If you start to feel negative impacts from your time on social media, whether it’s from within yourself or others, take a step back and think about why you’re doing it and feeling that way.


Mental health is so very important to me as I struggle with an array of my own issues.

And I desperately want to help people avoid my own mistakes as I started to feel very very run down and it started to go in a direction I was very uncomfortable with. :pray:t3:


I’m a Discord message, Byte comment and snap away for any help :pleading_face::100:


Honestly, one of the reasons I created this thread in the first place was because this problem was taking a toll on my mental health.
Sure, it can be easy to shrug off any lack of recognition, but when you’re spending 6-10 hours pouring your heart and soul into each of your videos, it can easily get to your head the lie that what you’re doing isn’t good enough.
Not to say that anybody working less than six hours on a video is inferior, because ya’ll have some pretty awesome stuff and ideas! :sweat_smile:


I know! :heart::pleading_face:
I’m okay! I just needed to re-evaluate what I was doing and why.
That’s why I stepped away from the discord as well as making content.

The difference is very obvious to me since I’ve come back…I’ve had a much easier, more relaxed relationship with everyone in the discord since then.


I think it’s a matter of the community as a whole.

Every creator should be supportive to other creators especially that we are all early adopters of this app so we should raise each other up. I personally engage (liking and commenting) and follow whomever I find in the scroll that creates content and adds a building block to the app, even if that content is not my cup of tea. Our growth as content creators & early adopters comes from within.

Another thing is that rebytes are not being utilised and used that much, and this feature has a strong power to help unmentioned creators be discovered. I’m not saying your should rebyte whatever, but if you see a content that you enjoyed, why not rebyte it?

I have so far created 21 bytes in just two days :sweat_smile: and will continue to do so.

cough* you can check my content at @alfardan *cough

My point is, we (as content creators and early adopters) should all be (and act) positive and support each other in any feasible way :wink:

Your byter,


That’s tough.
But that time you spend…it’s your time. If you need to dial it back and reconnect with you, do it.

I support you. 100%

And know that if you ever need to talk…I’m here.
We have a whole community here of very supportive and helpful people.
Remember that you aren’t alone…ever.

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Thank you for that re-assurance! :blush:
Part of my struggle was also trying to focus on quality over quantity, as I was able to put out a video almost every day for a few weeks but then I would go back and regret how I could’ve done better.
This change has been beneficial, as my two latest videos at the moment have given me no regrets, but that change in attitude went a little too far to where I was questioning whether an idea I had was good enough before I even started it (which has been a HUGE issue in my past). :frowning_face:

I’m definitely going to take a step back and focus on putting the quality in my content, but not challenging myself WAY past my limits. And at the same time, I’ll also be willing to make something based on whatever pops into my head without thinking about it too much. It’ll mean less frequent uploads, but it’ll also mean much more stability in my life. :blush:


With the type of content you make and the time it takes to create, I’d say you’d be okay to post once or twice a week.
Take some pressure off yourself. Your content is wonderful and unique and very time consuming.
We understand. Promise. :heart:

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I don’t really engage with those posts anymore either. It personally turns me off that so many people comment the same names over and over, and ESPECIALLY that there are always self-centered people who only comment their own name ¬_¬

Most often in the first response too…


Let me put my flame-proof armour on, 'cause I’m going to need it for this thread.

Summary: Yes and no.

First of all, let’s talk about those hype threads. I pretty much don’t show up anymore. I wasn’t tagged once in “favourite Byter that’s a partner”. But I don’t care. Why? Because most of the time, it’s just friends for friends. When the apps started out, I was constantly tagged in those friends by my friends, and I will always forever appreciate what they do for me, but what I want you to understand is a lot of the time, it’s friend groups promoting each other. Knowing this should help your mental health a little. The only comment I’ve truly ever cared about was one where a new person was on the app saying that I was quickly becoming their favourite Byter. That’s how I know I’ve truly made an impact. It doesn’t make all of my friends less important, but I’m sure every creator knows exactly what I’m talking about.

With that being said, you can’t just tell people to stop because your mental health is deteriorating from other people hyping other people up. That’s not very fair for the other people. What if what I said wasn’t true, and there were actually people who were hyping up people who they had no connection to? Even extending beyond that - if they’re not breaking ToS and are doing things in a respectful manner, why should they stop, especially if they are doing what they think is right. Just 'cause you crave attention doesn’t mean you’re obligated to any. You work for it, and you could end up working for it for the next 5 years and not get any, or you might get some in the next 3 months. And when you work for it, you’d better be working not only hard, but smart.

This is the point I want to emphasise the most: The harsh reality is that if you’re in this, and you’re striving to be the best, you have to have the mental fortitude of an iron fortress.

You’re going to get hate comments, you’re going to see shitty numbers, you’re going to have days where you don’t feel like you’re “getting what you deserve”. You don’t “deserve” or are “entitled” to anything. You are putting yourself out on the market, and letting people see if they wanna buy. If they wanna buy, they’ll buy. If they don’t, they won’t. Some of the videos I’ve worked on that took hours of hard work end up flopping hard. It just wasn’t what the audience wanted. My latest example is my uwu bottle video where I slightly lewd a bottle. But I love the video anyway and I don’t care. How many times do you think LeBron had to fall over and have a cry before he made the world know his name?

Imagine being a new person on here, putting 6 - 10 hours into their video, and getting only 10 likes at most from people who aren’t even watching their video but are just instead fishing for likes. That’s what a lot of creators who aren’t on the forums are experiencing, but what we aren’t seeing. I have spent so much time in the Latest section with some of my good friends because we recognise that there is a lot of unrecognised talent there.

“Oh, only 50 people liked my video.” No.

“Holy shit, 50 people liked my video.” Imagine being able to show 500 people your video, of which 50 like it. Try doing that on another platform in the first 3 months of your FaceBook/Instagram/YouTube career. Most if not all of us would never dream of it. Try doing that in real life. Wow. I know some partners who’ve been doing this for 5 years+.

To end - this is relatable. But I’m not sure the position you’re taking is quite right. It sounds like you want the world to change to give you want you want. But that’s not how it works. I’m having trouble pulling similar numbers to some of the other partners. I’m shooting to be a “top creator”. To be a household name on Byte. I’m not getting that - but I realise that perhaps my content just isn’t there yet. I try to make every video better than the last. I spend hours watching other videos, learning new techniques and effects, as well as dramatic timing, film making, and a whole assortment of other subjects. Because though I’m doing this because I love it, it’s because I love it that I want to be one of the best. And I know that no one is going to stop. Kevin, Steph, Dylan, Snackteam, Senor - no one is going to stop for me. So I’d better have the mental fortitude to keep going to try be as good as them one day.

We are in a very fortunate position right now, where we are here early and have the time to build. To try and experiment, to see what you like, and to see if your audience likes it.


This too. This may be tough love, but everything Lace said here matters too.