Becoming aware of unmentioned creators (and how it can affect mental health)

Hey everyone!

I want to make everyone aware of a small issue in our community.

I’ve been seeing threads with a lot of attention about who’s your favorite creator, or which creators are underrated, or who’s your favorite creator in the partner program, and so on and so forth.
These threads end up doing two things, whether we intend to or not: they draw attention to some creators and other creators are left out.

Now, I’m not saying that these kinds of threads are bad. I understand that the people who start these threads have good intentions of drawing attention to those who definitely deserve it as well as hearing good things from the community.

My point here, though, is to kindly make you guys aware of those who unintentionally get left out of these threads. I’m well aware that everybody has their own personal preference on whose content they like, but at the same time, it’s human nature for us to crave attention and recognition, whether a little or a lot. In addition, some of us deal with anxiety/depression, which can unfortunately be amplified with the lack of attention or recognition. And I highly doubt anybody’s being intentionally left out, meaning that the reason why some creators are left out is mainly due to ignorance, which we’re honestly all guilty of in some way, shape, or form.

So how do we deal with this problem of leaving people out?
Well, the easiest solution would be to stop making threads that showcase other creators altogether, but at the same time that wouldn’t be the most ideal and best solution, as we’d miss out at giving some creators the attention they deserve but don’t get.

We’re a community with multiple unique minds, so I’m sure we can figure this out together! What do you guys think of the issue and what are some ways we could possibly fix it?


I agree with this! My name was mentioned plenty under the “Underrated Byters” thread and I APPRECIATED THAT TO THE MAX!!! Man, it meant a lot. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but to think about those who weren’t mentioned and maybe should have been. And it’s likely for the very reason you said; they were likely left out unintentionally.

I started to comment some names down in that thread from time to time, but I cancelled my comment each time…because I knew I was likely missing someone whose content I thoroughly enjoy and who I consider a friend.

As far as solutions, I think this thread topic is a great place to start…for people to at least be cognitive of it moving forward. Thank you for creating it!

Oh, and to close…just keep BYTING ON, guys! The app is young. What you may not get credit for now you will later on with hard work and persistence. That, mixed in with your talent, is a winning recipe!


I don’t necessarily vibe with not doing that simply because one of the easiest ways to promote the app is to hype up your favourite content creators off the app.
(I say this as somebody who’s not frequently mentioned as anybody’s favourite)
Honestly, it’s kind of a kick to the backside in a good way because all it does is want to make me create better content!


THANK YOU for creating this topic!
I’ve felt this for a while. There will always be someone left out and that never feels good. People put themselves out there for people to enjoy the content they put so much work into.
I love the initial idea of these threads, like you said, the aren’t inherently bad. However, after a while it starts to feel like a list of “who I am friends with on the platform”

I don’t really have any solutions to this, but I want to comment to see how others respond, and for the appreciation of the topic, too.
I never want to engage in those lists because I don’t want to leave people out or make people that I know feel weird if I forget.


And I agree, quitting making those threads altogether is not the best way to address this problem, but I’m sure there’s a better way we can go about this issue.


I mean, one of the reasons welcome Wednesday is a thing is to highlight/welcome people who are new.

You could also make a thread where if you’re mentioned, you have to mention your favourites but they have to be folks not already mentioned, but that might fizzle our interaction.


Despite it contradicting my above comment, I do really like this last sentence! So true. I love being the underdog and the unmentioned as it really fuels my fire.

This past weekend my buddies and I played a social distance golf game and I’m the worst golfer of the bunch. We played this game where you picked a teammate each hole but you couldn’t pick the same person two holes in a row. Long story short, I ended up with the most total points and golfed the best out of the bunch. Something about not being THE GUY made me excited to prove them wrong!

EDIT: …And took a lot of the pressure off!


I mean, that could possibly work. There are a lot of creators both on the forums and not, both big and small, so a conversation like that could go on for quite a while :man_shrugging:


for the ‘underrated creators lists’ I’ve noticed I haven’t been tagged but that to me PERSONALLY is a good sign! cos that shows to me I’ve done well enough so far to gain a core family of people that engage with my stuff, to the point where people don’t think I’m underrated but they think I’m semi-established:) and in turn, someone else more deserving and genuinely underrated can take my place :purple_heart:


I like your attitude on this, and I would say that the thread of underrated byters could be a bit of an exception from this problem. I’m mainly seeing this problem on threads with people talking about favorites or friends.


So this…is something I’ve thought about quite a bit…as I’ve been tagged on some of those and I don’t quite feel underrated per say.

But I feel as tho stopping those threads altogether isn’t the solution.
This is one of the reasons I wanted to do the welcome thing…use all of our positions within this community (as some of the people doing the hashtag have a larger following) to bring light to some really under-recognized/new creators.

It’s a step…a small one, but a step nonetheless.


yeah I’d agree with you on that, that’s where it can start getting a bit like “why haven’t they chosen me” for some people and that’s totally understandable. it’s difficult tryna think of a solution for that tho, but that idea of making it a rule to ensure someone new is tagged in every list may be a good starting point. just would be difficult to monitor if it gets tons of replies


Yes, and the #welcomewednesday campaign is definitely a great way to give attention to smaller creators. I like that it focuses on a population (the smaller and new creators) and aims to reach all of them. The problem is present most when the aim isn’t to reach every creator, which is what most “favorite” threads do. But I don’t think stopping them is the answer.


I don’t have a solid solution to this…but even with #welcomewednesdays…people will still feel left out.

I don’t know that there is a way to effectively and reasonably solve that…as we can’t cover every possible user.
Maybe a thread for new/unrecognized users to just post their usernames? I don’t know. This isn’t an easy thing to solve.


I am not on anyone’s hype list, but I didn’t sign up for that. Although it’s nice to receive recognition for your creativity, I create as a release. I do it because I enjoy creating and that pursuit is just as valid as those who seek fortune and glory.

As such, I’m not sure that I agree. While feeling bad about not getting community hype may be true for some folks, people are going to hype things they like regardless. I say let them spread the gospel of their fandom.


I’m not gonna lie…since I’m only 3 weeks here when the underrated thread was created I was checking all the time to see if my name was in any list…it wasn’t lol.

I had that upsetting feeling for a couple of minutes but then I realized this was the wrong way to look at it…started focusing less in numbers and shoutouts and much more about having fun and creating content.

Since that, I feel I’m enjoying the app/forum much more and creators that I love are now discovering my silly bytes too :grinning:


Yeah I stopped participating in those threads because no matter how many names you list, someone will always feel left out :confused:


Well said :slight_smile:

I agree with you! this also applies to compilation as well. In future I’ll make a note no to engage with those post anymore!



fantastic attitude man! :100::purple_heart:


I’ll be honest, there’s probably never going to be a permanent solution to this problem. There’s always going to be people left out no matter what you do.
My main goal for this thread was primarily to spread awareness of this issue, but also to brainstorm ways that we can reduce that feeling of being left out in not only the threads but also in the interactions as well. Nobody wants their hard work ignored, but unfortunately that happens for some of us, both big creators and small ones. :blush: