Be honest with yourself

How much water do you drink a day? We recently each started drinking almost half a gallon each.

My Nalgene water bottle is 32 oz, and I drink about 2 of them on weekends, but on week days when I work out I can drink up to like 4 or 5… Really depends :man_shrugging:t4:

maybe 1,5 liters

Honestly, not enough. I need to get better at drinking more.

a gallon and a half

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Ive learned that water is good for your skin and since I️m still growing, I️m trying to drink as much water as possible.


Basically none, I have lots to drink but never just water

Just a bottle, whenever I drink two or more I feel like I’m gonna explode

During the school day I drink from a metal bottle that hold 3 cups (34 oz) then I drink about 3 mason jars full of water and I think they each hold about 32 oz so about 60 oz a day, idk if that’s healthy or not :man_shrugging:t4:

Usually 2-3 bottles worth. I only drink water, no other liquid.

On a school day 1-3 bottles but on a weekend day it’s more 3-6

not sure but about 4 bottles of 500ml ?

Um, this title’s kinda clickbaity. do you mind changing it?

It isn’t clickbait. They’re asking us to be honest about how much water we drink daily :grinning:

i mean, the title could just be ‘How much water do you drink a day’. The title kinda sounds like a soul-searching question.

Um I am extremely dehydrated… Its definitely a problem