Be creative - Must Read-

Hey guys, lately I have seen many people creating the same post over and over again. I think it’s due to the Topics Limits change that @dom did yesterday.

So I want to encourage you guys to be creative and come with the best idea or topic for this forum. Before posting, search, investigate. Give us something to talk to and to keep us motivated.

With nothing else to say, I wish you a happy day.

Love, Jose G. Chacin XOXO :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Have a nice day too

Most read??? Congrats!!

Wait what? you saw something? I didn’t. What are you talking about? I don’t know.

Thanks tho.

Aww snap it said must read. I thought it said “Most read” so I thought you received that as a badge or sth

umm its kinda true there are some same posts tho

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What change of limits topics did Dom??

Now you can create 5 topics a day.


Asdfghhkhkha, Hi bumping here tho :full_moon_with_face::yellow_heart:

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how about those January memes? love em or hate em

I love all memes