Be consistent?

Hit me with a your ideas. My followers have tanked which I know is partly my behavior and also the stage the app is in. But…should I commit to one kind of content or make other changes?


I find it boring to commit to a single type of content. As a creator, you develop yourself and want the world to see different facets. So why not?


Tanked as in you’re losing followers daily? Or tanked as in it’s getting harder and harder to gain more and some days you’re not getting any at all?

If the former, I’d say create for YOU and do what you love. Along the way of experimentation, you’ll find certain types of videos that truly resonate with people that you also enjoy making. A true win-win.

If the latter, I’d say the only way I am getting followers these days is by going out and finding them. Not necessarily follow for follow, creep in the “Latest” category type stuff. But more so hang out in the latest, like and comment on only videos you enjoy and creators you enjoy, and engage with those people more than just that one occasion. Eventually, your name starts to look familiar to them and they give you that support.

I think right now the best thing to do is to enjoy the app, create happily, build meaningful relationships, and build your boat the best you can before the tidal wave of people do come in. While some are pessimistic that such a tidal wave will happen, I am optimistic it will. So, I’m just preparing my way of staying afloat for when it does!


@RayRayLego good advise there. I pretty much do the same.

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@RobbyD Thank you, my friend! I cannot take all the credit, though. I’m just following Dom’s Rule #1 (which was that the best way to get engagement is to be active and engage yourself) and the advice of many of the greats on YouTube (Brian G. Johnson, Nick Nimmin, Derral Eves, Video Influencers, all those great sources)!!

Luckily, some rules of thumb crossover from platform to platform lol.

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If you only like watching one kind of content, then I say stick with one kind of content. If you like multiple kinds of content, then change to create more variety. Create what you like to watch, and it will definitely help. I’ve hit a wall multiple times, and watching videos that I enjoy helped inspire me. You could also scroll through certain creators that you admire/ enjoy watching, and see what they do as well in terms of content type. Hope this helps!


I’m just languishing, not adding or losing much.

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Samesies lol. I wish I had known about Byte when that huge first wave came in, but it’s all good. I started March 14th and was doing pretty well, pretty fast. Over the last month or so, as you know, it slowed down BIG time and it’s like I’m just treading in a calm lake and excited to see any semblance of a person :rofl:

But this is an EXCELLENT time to get better and better at what one does and to get closer and closer to the people who form this amazing community. Something big is going to happen. Could be soon, could be months from now, could be a year from now. All I know is…I want to be there when it happens! I’d keep things the way they are on your channel. Don’t overthink it. If you love it, they’ll love it!


I think it’s important to be consistent with posting, but I would say try other types of bytes and post them consistently, that’s the way I think of it when someone says “be consistent.”

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Y’all are terribly polite. If there is something you’d like to see just :wave:

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Be consistent, engage with the community. Like a lot. Also I would add yourself more in to each byte so people will recognize exactly who you are. I know a lot of people usually don’t look at the profile picture and name.

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I’ve wondered about that too. I had a seizure a couple days ago and I automatically wanted to make that into a comedy skit for Byte. lol

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How’s this look?


I can see some ironic comedy from seizures. For starters most people don’t have a clue about it.

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You do whatever you want girl. Just consider the things you think you’re good at and consider how you can improve them. But if you have an idea for something else you want to try I say go for it.

Personally, I’m not out to pander to anyone. I want to be good at doing what I like to do. I recently did a video with a terrible song parody which was the first I’d ever done on vine or here, and I loved it. Part of its charm is how terrible it is for me.

I went micro format for my regular art, painting etc, a few years ago. It really honed my skills. I’ve been doing byte with the same idea, micro format, limited cel phone tools. My desk area will be functional again soon. Changes to come!

I hear from real life people that I should be in my videos more. I’m passionately pro lazy and anti makeup though. :clown_face:

Well if it makes you feel better I don’t do so bad without any makeup in my videos. It’s mostly about appearing not homeless.

It’ll all really come down to what you like making first but if you’re like me and dopamine and views tickles you then you just have to make sure you’re checking all the boxes to peak in your niche. I do comedy and almost no edits so I really have to do a lot to compete for views with projecting my character and timing.

For the time being, I also think expectations can only be so high with byte. It’s a really really small community and the content pool is as shallow as can be. You’re doing your part by just making things that meet your expectations of quality. Every good piece you put out makes the app that much better because there isn’t that much out there.

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