Banning V2 Artist - The Three Strike System

Banning V2 Artist - My Personal Three Strike System

It is known by many that the number one rule in baseball is “three strikes, you’re out!” I believe this rule to be a perfect one for any community.

“Third time’s a charm.”

With this Three Strike System, moderators (if there will be any), can strike any content put up by Artist or any comments put on an Artist’ feed that comes off as harassment or goes against the rules/policies of the V2 app.

With this system, moderators and admins/V2 creators and such, can make sure that the V2 community is safe in the app and not within the grasp of Cyber Bullying, but there should be a limit on what the moderators/admins should do.

As a future V2 app Artist, I believe that it would be appropriate to either email or DM the Artist that was striked about their offence along with giving a link that directs the Artist to the rules/policies of the app. The strikes should be more than reasonable in terms of giving the strike!


  • Strikes should not be given out if it is for personal reasons, such as simply disliking a Artist or not agreeing with their point of view.
  • Strikes should be given out if an Artist is going against the rules/policies and or harassing another artist in a way that is more than noticeable

I believe V2 can be a wonderful place to share certain things or experiences to other people/Artist, but then comes the big question!

Should NSFW content be permitted on the app?

In my personal opinion, I believe it should be. No it is not because of my over reacting hormones and lonesomeness, but because some Artist actually consider sexually explicit content art. But in order to avoid these videos or images to fall in the hands of a minor
Parents whose children take their phones will understand, or anyone with a child who has the capacity to use a smartphone will understand
certain precautions have to be taken. Thus, an NSFW filter should be created alongside all the other filters/tags.

Accounts should also have the applicable setting of “This account contains sexually explicit content” switch where Artist can turn their accounts to a non-public account.
This raises another question:
How would NSFW accounts find exposure?

Simple, allow Artist to turn off their “safe search” switch off, therefore they can now view these sexually explicit videos/images at their own risk.
Of course we all dislike the automatic playing of a sexually explicit video when roaming around the internet, therefore I propose that a warning message pop up on the NSFW video/image before the Artist can view them.

What about Artist who post NSFW content, but don’t switch their account to an NSFW account?"

Again, simple. Artist who notice an account posting NSFW content and said content popping up in main feeds can flag the content/account for posting NSFW content without the account being in the NSFW state. Moderators/admins can then review the content and if the flagging is true they could take these steps:

  1. Switch the account to NSFW mode.
  2. Give the Artist a strike for not adhering to the rules/policies.
  3. Advise the Artist as to why they were striked and how they can avoid being striked again in the future.

That concludes my suggestion and how it should be used! If anyone has anymore questions or suggestions please leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible and if the suggestion is a good one and multiple other Artist like it as well, I’ll add it on! Thank you for reading!

Other ideas given by Aritst:

  • @SirDrinksALot : A parental block that won’t allow family owned accounts to view NSFW content to be viewed by minors and a password requirement to turn safe search off.

Agree about there being strikes before your out. They also should be clear and transparent about why you’re receiving a strike as you mentioned so that you can (hopefully) not make the same mistake twice or more to result in a ban.

You should add your thoughts about the NSFW accounts to this thread:


This is a great in depth point! Im sure @dom will approve


Thank you for the reply! I definitely will share my opinion on the subject. I might just copy and paste it though to save the time, at least that small part of it.

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Yeah, just copy and paste the part about NSFW. The banning process is good to stay here.

Also a similar thread here about punishments

Will definitely share my input on discipline there, thank you for reading and the reply!

Anytime! Glad to help

I think switching from NSFW to SFW should require the use of the Artists password. Kind of like turning off and on safe search but with added security for example if a minor gets a hold of an adults phone (any adult) and even automatically logs into their account with saved log in they still have to enter the password to turn on or off safe search. The settings can be made automatic for each user if this is a hastle but it gives the account holder the option, also gives the adult the option for putting in a search password for their underage v2 account user. *not sure on the age limit but if say 15 year olds, and parents don’t want them seeing NSFS content then they can input their own passcode?

This might just seem like mucking up the works but there should be a simple and relatively easy way to set up this kind of search and viewing system. Not just to protect ourselves from stuff we don’t want to see but others as well.

Sort of like a parental block, like on television? If this is so, then yes definitely, I agree with that. I know a lot of parents who let their kids use their account or have their own but don’t want to expose them to NSFW stuff (at least when Vine used to exist). The idea of having to input a password each time safe search is turned off is also a great idea, I can definitely see how it can be beneficial, similar to having to put in a password before purchasing an app on the app store. Thank you for the suggestion, I really appreciate it!

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I agree with the 3 strike system, but I also think there should be some kind of case-to-case policy for some cases/flagged vids. You know what I’m saying?

Me along with a lot of other concerned Artist went deep into policy here: How should Punishable Offenses Against Artists Be Handled?
Thank you for the input though, it is deeply appreciated!

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