Bad algorithm

Is it a bad algorithm because as compared to before our videos had more loops then likes, now loops and like are equal or 40-60 percent. Old videos of creators are shown more then the new one. The algorithm is not enjoyable. People who have less likes are not shown on Your Mix tab at all. Rebytes are gone less, Can’t comment more then 10 comments at a time, app is removed from the ranking in the App Store. Dom it’s time to do something. I post videos daily but I see a drastic decrease from the time the app came out and now. Been on spotlight for 3-4 times yet the change is drastic. On spotlight first we used to get 4-5k likes now it’s 100 likes


The algo is fine bro, It probably just means we need to up our game and dish out fire content. There’s a lot of content creators that don’t get as much recognition either, but their time will come, and there are other big content creators that actually want other small creators to get discovered and grow, and I love em for that


But I’m pretty sure Dom and his team are doing their best to get small accounts discovered, and that’s what spotlight is for, to showcase any bytes from small content creators who don’t get much recognition.


But don’t you think there are so many creators out there making fire content but not getting recognised due to this algo?

What? This algorithm update is to tight up the overuse of rebyte. It makes all creators equally regardless their numbers of rebyte, likes, comments.

I dont do rebyte4Rebyte anymore, i tried them and I hate it. I stop for that for a while.

I just post the video daily. People like my content then they engage with me. I dont push hard on other to engage me.

If you overuse the function of rebyte before, i guess the algorithm would tight up your exposure.


There are handful of people who interact with each other I can tell you the names too rest all are lost. Algorithm should be updated or they need to work on marketing now as there are very less people on byte for now

I see a lot and when I do, my first instinct is to rebyte them so my followers and other creators can see them. Plus I’ve been on that boat… it doesn’t feel nice when you don’t get noticed. But you just really gotta engage with the community man, like genuinely communicate with everyone… no dry ass hahaha’s loll

I’m sure Dom and his team are already doing so, why else would there be a byte creator program? It’s gonna hype everyone up and draw more people in. We gotta have faith :triumph::clap:t3::sparkles:


Whenever I try to interact with people on byte thru comment, my comment gets blocked due to over commenting (which is 10 comments)

Dont comment too many times at once then. I am sure @dom and the team working hard on making everyone get equally chanced to use this app

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Yes they are doing a great job for sure but don’t you think a little bit of more comments should be added more then 10 at lest?

what do you mean blocked? are you comment spamming one person?

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No sir. I comment on the videos I like for example I am free for 10 mins so I watch 6sec videos for 10 mins I comment on 10 people video which I like and when I like the 11th video within that 10 min and I try to comment it shows your comment action is blocked

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I’ve never had that happen to me before… maybe you were commenting too fast with everyones videos ?



Maybe it was but I am not a bot :robot: they should make some feature where they know if it’s a spam comment or not

Well said man

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So, this to me is actually a sign that the algorithm is getting better. It means most people who are being shown your video actually like it. In the long run and in general, that is what a good algorithm needs to do: show people things they like. If the algorithm doesn’t do this, people will leave the app because it’s harder for them to find enjoyable content.

This is common. If you’ve seen the Engagement Megathread (pinned at the forum’s home) you can see the average path of a startup. After a big launch, things decrease and slow down for a time. That time will depend on a lot of factors, but we have to go through this period of improving the app and the content/culture within it.

This is because less people are using the app. You have to have patience and wait for the culture around byte to change. Eventually the presence in social media is going to grow, but this will take months. And more importantly, it will require that people are posting fun bytes and not just desperately trying to post whatever they can as frequently as they can to “Grow Fast”. If you are on byte because you wanted a quick jumpstart to fame… you are here for the wrong reasons.

Enjoy your content and enjoy the ride, make Byte a better and funnier place, and people will come. In time.


Great comment here.


I guess the algorithm doesn’t have taste.