Backup/Save Byte Account

Ok, so I was thinking about when I used to post awful youtube videos when I was like 12 years old, and when I deleted the channels almost all of the videos were gone along with them. I was thinking how it could be a cool feature to be able to go to your account settings and completely backup your account, either to your phone or maybe get all your videos sent to an email address? These videos could include a watermark of your name or handle!

If you were in the process of deleting your account, you could also be given the choice to save all of your videos before you delete your account.

This isn’t a huge essential feature, but I think that it would be cool to make it easier for people to save all of their videos, in case they want to watch them in the future, because I’m sure most people reading this have deleted old videos that they’d half cringe at and half wish they could see again.

Let me know what you think of this idea, all suggestions and feedback are welcome! Also, let me know if you’ve ever deleted old videos that you wish you could have back!


yeh cool idea,and yes i had problem like you


Oh…cool idea. Is this similar to Google Takeout?

Edit: Yes, it is. Just googled it.


I like this idea a lot! It gives artists more control over their work even if they don’t want it out there anymore. And yes, I’ve deleted so many things and regretted it immediately afterwards.


Vine had a feature like this, but only at the very end so people could download their vines before it shut down.

My only concern would be with server load if, say, 200 people all decide at the same time to download all of the 10,000 videos they each posted. But having a secure way to download all your content would be nice.

I just REALLY hope Byte will not add watermarks to all the videos unless you choose to, I really hate that TikTok embeds a watermark in all of the videos you make with their app.


Completely agree about not watermarking everything, should be optional, but not forced.

Not sure what could be done about the server load to be honest, but that could be an issue. I guess if it wasn’t an issue right at the end of vine, it wouldn’t be too big of an issue?


Traffic on Vine dropped considerably toward the end, so, I guess they already had the server capacity and available bandwidth for tons of simultaneous downloads by that point. I imagine Byte will scale up as needed, which means large downloads could potentially create bottlenecks early on. Unless they’re going to use one of the large CDNs used by lots of other big companies with massive data requirements, then it might not be a problem at all.

Video content can be a BEAST storage- and bandwidth-wise, but I’m sure Dom and his team know what they’re doing.


I’m sure they do, maybe this isn’t introduced for a while? Until they have a large enough capacity to deal with it at least!


Ouuu this is a good idea just in case you get hacked or something like o yeah what are you gonna do w/ hackers??