Background music and sound effects challenge [We need your help]

We, the discord members, are currently working on a podcast series that will come out every week or so. Some of you have already seen our last podcast and have noticed we don’t have any music or sound effects included. Since the whole idea of a “podcast” is strongly just audio, it’s a crucial part in the whole listening experience.

Here is where we need your help!
We are opening up a “challenge” where forum members can submit their own and others NON-COPYRIGHTED material. This can include background music, transitional music, sound effects and other medias that will improve the listening experience. We will chose our favorites and give credit where credit is due.

Submit your medias below or in our discord.

Youtube Channel
Latest podcast


we stan :clap:


Ay let’s gooooo


The community always comes in clutch


There is this channel Audio Library on Youtube, which has a lot of non copyrighted music that you can use.
There are a bunch of playlists categorized by mood, genre etc.
I personally think the music is dope (depends on what you like) and I think a lot of youtubers get their music from this channel too.
So if you’re interested, check out this link :blush: ->


I am very familiar with this library but these tracks get over used by popular youtubers and are everywhere. I will still use this library but I was looking for some original content or some sounds/music that are unfamiliar or new.


Also we want everybody to help on the podcasts not just a couple


I totally understand, that’s why I was first hesitant recommending it. But i hope some people will recommend their own music :blush:


Curious if anyone has submitted anything yet. Either way I’m excited to check out the new podcast.


Ok, I have an idea!

So there’s this dude with a channel called Sr. Pelo who makes a lot of weird voices and sounds, and I feel like clipping some sounds from his videos could be really helpful! (mokey show and underpants most likely. Anyways, hope that that’s a helpful idea! (be sure to credit him btw!)

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here is an underrated music duo from Japan who deserve recognition and all u gotta do is credit them. (or u can pay whatever price on their band camp page which is optional (

they have a bunch of instrumentals so just browse through some :smile: