:(( back to the grind

I’m on the bus reading the forums :(( anyone else going back to school or work ?


I’m so glad that I’m taking courses online this semester

No classes until the 22nd for me lol

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Nah they cancelled school for me

Because of the weather?

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on the road now im not excited

Yep :grinning::grinning:

WOOP WOOP. That’s exciting! Now you can enjoy the last day of the forum before things get too crazy.

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yesss ma’am!

how much snow you got, im gonna get some tonight

I’m literally in class right now browsing the forums. Already miss the break.

same though

I dont know, where I live there are hills and it is dangerous for a student to drive when there is snow/sleet/freezing rain on the ground.

Yes I’m going back to work today. Just so happens I’m a school nurse lol. I’m grateful to be employed in a profession and environment where I can do some good.

Thats very cool… btw i dont have class till the 29

Y’all, I’ve been midterm studying in almost all my classes, giving me no time to check the forums like my original plan was. :tired_face::tired_face:

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I’ve work😩

I’m gonna quit my job and do v2 full time when it’s out