🚫 Avoid Vero

I’ve seen people on Twitter talking about this new social media app called Vero, but it seems the owners of the app are a little shady, so you might want to think twice about downloading the app and signing up. See this thread on Twitter:

As a result, lots of people are now trying to delete their accounts and are finding it’s not actually possible to delete your account, you can only send a request asking to have your account deleted, and there’s no guarantee it will actually be deleted. See this article on Mashable for more info:

So maybe wait and see what’s up before jumping on this bandwagon.


Wow, just created an account. Very disappointed and will be deleting my account.

You can submit a request to have your Vero account deleted on this web page:



What is about that app?

Thanks for that, now to try and delete it :confused:

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Any luck deleting it?

bumping for relevancy

thank you, tom

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Haven’t heard anything back yet :confused:

It’s people like this that make me feel like I might make it to Heaven after all.

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well shite. I just saw this

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Another article about the shady founder of Vero:


I still have mine right now but I’ve put very little personal info into it and the app barely works anyways :confused:

Oh fantastic

You do have to give them your name, email address, phone number and a password just to get an account. That’s actually quite a bit of personal info to give to someone.


Welp I uninstalled it and filed a request to close my account.
The only thing that worries me is how they have my phone number but I’m planning to change it in the future. Could be buzz from the media making stories trying to slander the popularity of the new app, but it’s so slow right now. Either they delete my account of I’ll come back to it when it’s actually good. :laughing:

Just a question, is there any actual proof of the allegations being made against the owner? Some articles state that none of the workers themselves had said anything, but people online have. People online have also said that Shane Dawson is a pedo, said that Keaten Jones called people the N word at his school, Said Michael Jackson sexually abused children, and more, so I’m not sure how much I want to believe the internet when it comes to allegations.

The background of Vero’s owner isn’t just rumors, there’s documented proof. See that Daily Beast article I posted above. There hasn’t been evidence of him doing anything shady with Vero yet, but as the guy has a history of being a scoundrel, I wouldn’t trust him with my personal data at all.

Ty so much for the info Tom. Tbh Vero seemed kinda like a lame app anyway lmao it feels like it’s just advertisements and paid promotions? Nothing about it seems like a social network, and it’s definitely nothing that other, well-established apps already do. But him being scummy is the icing on the anti-Vero cake for me. Yikes.

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This is kinda like B I T C O N E E E E E E E CTTTTTT


How could you not trust a guy like Carlos. I mean he was so happy about bitconnect it was almost perfect.

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