Average amount of followers to be considered popular?

I know this could be a bit of a “personal” question, but what is the average follower count to be popular for as many categories as possible?

I don’t care which categories, but it could help a bit for a goal for us newcomers


I’m not 100% sure, but BigPants is one of the biggest creators on here and has about 20k followers.


It’s almost impossible to tell right now, since there are so many new users. When we were, I dont know, 100k active users or less? BigPants was always at the top of popular with 20k. Bit if now we got an influx of millions of new users, those numbers are thrown out the window


In short: bigpants is king of byte.


looks like in conclusion, the highest so far is 20k… I did ask for only an average, but I think I can figure out my answer from here!

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Dom is king.
Bigpants is… prince?


@TomWho is the King :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat: @dom is our god :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


That’s prob accurate tho.

BigPants is still king :crown:

Tom is pretty awesome, obviously. But comparing their content is like apples and oranges. They’re equally awesome in almost total opposite ways lol

You can’t compare kings and gods either :pouting_cat::pouting_cat:

@Imgay I’m still trying to understand all the emojis and stuff, so bear with me please! Is the angry cat face actual anger or sarcasm or what does it mean?

Edit: Holy shit that made me sound old. I’m only 24 lol

It completely depends on type of content. Like, those folks who post lots of nature/soothing content- like I’d imagine anything over 1k is a big number for that category.
Comedy is king on the app, so I think like 20-10k for that category.
They’ve also recently added new categories so like. The number for meme might be way different.
And then there’s things like “cooking” content which don’t have their own category.


It depends :smirk_cat: but now :pouting_cat: means I‘m angry because you‘re disrespecting my king and god :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat: Ah men :heart_eyes_cat:

we stan dom; our unproblematic king😌

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I’m still EXTREMELY lost but that’s ok. I think i get it a little bit!

i, shane Y̵̧̛̞̟̤͈̗̍̅̃̃̀̓̿͜͝A̶̡̢̡̛͙̮͕͉̰͍͗̀͂́͛̈̒͋̀H̶̥͍͖̟̻̱̘͘, my real name :smirk:

the cat emojis mean the same as the normal emojis we just use them for flavor :smirk_cat:

Yes :smirk_cat: normal emojis are disgusting WHERES THE FLAVOR!! :pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat:

the flavor is immaculate :heart_eyes_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat:.

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