Avengers: Endgame No Spoiler Review (non superhero fans better read smh)

Now, I think I should say first MAYBE I am a little biased. I love marvel, and I do enjoy superhero movies, I’ll always love them, and alot of people also do. I mean, in 3 days it broke boxoffice records, skyrocketing 350M in a weekend in the US, and 1.2B in all, which is INSANE! Maybe something will finally beat that blue movie, Avatar, where no one remembers a single person’s name in the movie. Not. A. Single. One. ITS BARELY EVEN A GOOD MOVIE I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT DID SO WELL! anyways… rant over on that… atrocity. This is the spoiler free review on End Game.

Avengers: End Game - 200%

Now, I went to see this movie three times so I can give a honest review on this movie, and I even brought a friend who knew nothing about the avengers except for the basics to see it… This movie is possibly the best movie of our time. The reason being? Well, it’s a movie 11 years in the making, it needs to be PERFECT, and that’s what happened, A movie that turned out to be absolutely perfect in every way. When it needed to be funny, it was funny. When it needed to be sad, it was really sad. When it needed to be dramatic, and actually has suspense, which you can’t say alot about superhero movies because most of the time, you’d be like “oh, nah, they gonna win anyways” you are on the edge of your seat this ENTIRE MOVIE because you dont know what is going to happen, and it plays out absolutely beautifully in my eyes. People complain about runtime in this movie, but in my eyes, even not in a fans eyes, I think they needed every single scene in this movie. If they left out a scene in this movie that they had, you will be confused. People say the movie is too long. 3 hours, honestly, goes away pretty quickly when watching this because youre not watching your clock saying “ugh when is this gonna be over?” you are in suspense and curiosity in each scene of the movie.

Now, lets talk about this not in a fan sense, and not in a superhero loving sense… Its still a really damn good movie! Unlike other superhero movies, you can feel what they are going through, and you feel something when something happens. You don’t even need to watch all the movies, you can just watch Infinity War, and you’ll be fine, because they don’t leave you in confusion. Not to mention the last hour of this movie is… possibly the best thing in cinematography history or most insanely awesome thing ever, its beautiful, its deep, its epic and its awesome. this movie will make you get all excited, it will make you cry, it will make you feel happy, it will make you FEEL and that’s something alot of superhero movies try to do but fail at is actually making you feel suspended… and frankly all you can do is go along for the ride and HOPE. Like I hope people who dont see superhero movies really do give this a chance. Just one chance, watch Infinity War, then this. You, even if you hate superhero movies, will love this movie, I promise you.
That is all for my big review on this beautiful thing. I hope you all enjoyed :slight_smile: have a good day!


I love you 3000 :rage:


My mans Thor needs a salad


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Endgame gets better the more Marvel movies you watch!(minus the hulk i guess? heard that one was a dumpster fire). It really is a masterpiece, and I don’t want to give too much on why it is but I can assure you that all the hours you put in will be rewarded with happiness tenfold… so just go for it!!! while it’ still in theaters!!!


It was the first movie I watched in the cinema that needing the toilet didn’t even cross my mind once. I agree with everything you said it’s an epic movie I absolutely loved every second of it

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I guess with all this hype I might as well watch it. Also release a podcast I’d give it a listen.

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