Automotive category

Hey guys!

I’m known on all other platforms I’m pretty much know for my car content. I think an automotive category would be really cool. This would give more of my core followers a lot of incentive to migrate over from Instagram, YT.

Most of my friends and followers don’t know about byte yet but I’ve been promoting it daily. I believe I could really bring a

lot more people over if automotive content had its own category.

Maybe if this tread becomes popular and others want this, we can do it?

If not, totally fine!

I understand that automotive content is a bit more niche and the platform may not be ready for that.
If that’s the case, I think we can agree we don’t want to do anything to stifle user growth.

But I don’t really know until the community puts in their thoughts.

As an independent actor/director and car enthusiast, I’ve always been passionate about creating automotive content. Both dramatic and comedic.

You guys may not want automotive content, or you may. Let me know! :blue_heart:

Totally open here.

Thanks so much, much love


good one!


I am pretty sure they will be adding a DIY category to Byte soon. I think that this would be some sort of good compromise for all! lol


Would this allow people to make subcategories or what? What’s the general idea of a DIY category?


I am not entirely sure, but we shall see. I think there was some talk that a DIY category is in the works…


I use motorsports as my medium for my humor. Hypothetically speaking, would you include something like that in the category or would it be strictly automotive by definition?

Just throwing it out there. You don’t know, if you don’t ask.


@JordanMiller I agree with you :ok_hand:


I think motorsports and automotive are both pretty big, open niches.

I think motorsports would fit into automotive because it’s a sport niche out of the umbrella of automotive. At the same time I do like the word motorsports because of its sporty nature, I just think it may be too niche for an umbrella category. But I’m not a dev., so I don’t know 100%.

A category that comprises of anything with an engine on the ground or in the water would be a good idea IMO.

This is a huge category/niche on IG, YouTube and Tik Tok.

I personally have a mustang cobra Terminator and make tons of videos about it.

For us, it’s like our sports.

I’m the kid that grew up with fast and furious culture.

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This is better suited as a hashtag.
#automotive #cars #motown #revvitup #carsofbyte


I like that


Well, you could argue that with pretty much any category big or small. But we don’t yet know if hashtags will become a thing on byte.

That’s a Good idea, for a car enthusiast like me


My man!

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if the market is there , i don’t see a reason not to , but the team definitely knows what categories are needed so we shall see

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and by market i mean audience whatever :joy:

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I know what ya mean Tuq, we will have to do a colab, you can be your lil gangster character, I’ll be a fast and furious type :joy:

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Hashtags are coming. Dom has confirmed this. I too think this would be appropriate.

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