Automatic Account Termination

Hey fellow Artist! It’s currently 11 pm where I am at, but I had a question that not money people talk about so here it is:

Should an account be automatically terminated after a long period of not being used?

As we all know, there’s a limit on how many usernames actually exist, this number can fluctuate with the amount of characters permitted with making a username. I wanted to know what you guys think, here are some other questions to consider:

  1. How long should a user be inactive for an account to be terminated?
  2. Should the Vees/Loops/Videos be kept on the V2 app?
  3. Should the account be put in a cryogenic state instead of being terminated?
  4. How bad could it get?
  5. Would it even be beneficial?

The reason I bring it up is because of the limit of usernames that are available if you filter out explicit usernames and filter in character count.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts and thank you for reading!


Another question could be if another user could have the terminated username after said termination… But this IS important

I changed the topic to General discussion

Thank you! Much appreciated!

I think it is difficult to decide to terminate accounts after a period of time because that could result in a lot of great content being lost. Maybe if the account never posted anything or something then I could see it working. But other than that it would have me too worried about peoples work being deleted.


I would like to come back to an account that I created. I would hate to have work deleted only because I wasn’t using the platform.

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Tis the reason why I bring up termination! There have been multiple times where I wanted to use a certain username, but was forced to use a different one. And upon inspecting the account with the username I desire, it turns out they haven’t even been on the platform for years!

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I think after a certain amount of time the account could be deactivated. Say like 6 months of no activity on the app. It would probably help things run more smoothly and eliminate fake accounts used just for follows.

Yeah, I agree with TSouth over here. Accounts who have that chance of getting that name you want first, has a sucky feeling. Terminating then wouldn’t be right on their behalf, even if inactive. I personally would like my name to be “Alex” on Ig but that account hasn’t posted since 2013 lol.

Plus if you ask them for their name, they ask for money.


I recognize the worry! As an Artist, I would be worried about that too, which is why I also suggested the possibly of putting accounts with content on them in a cryogenic state, frozen so that the content won’t go away. And example of this would this:

  • Username before cyrogenic state: TheDubbler
  • Username after cyrogenic state: TheDubbler2018to2020mar18

Definitely keep the old posts when in a cryo state (and they cannot be monetized after transition)

It would be sort of like school. you get suspended for 3 days or so and expelled forever

As much as I understand the annoyance of inactive accounts, especially when they have a username you may want, the descion of deactivation should be left to the creator. People fall in and out of love with apps all the time. Things come up in your personal life that prevent you from posting. I just don’t think automatic deactivation is the way to go.


What if a talented artist died? Would their work just be lost forever because their account is then inactive?


I.e. LIL Peep, YouTuber Yoteslaya, and Auntie Fee (yes there’s more)

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Yes i think that is a good idea to remove old and without use account because is unnecessary to have it

We are talking about a little accounts and only the staff can remove an account

This thread is about inactive accounts

Yes i know, what i said wrong?

I think that after an account is in deemed inactive by the staff, the account either be deleted, or made into one of the usernames like ‘User48261.’ If the person ever tried to log back in, they use their email, and then they can come up with a new username. That’s my thoughts.