Australian users?

I would love to see if anyone else from Australia is into V2!! Im based in sydney so it would be cool to get a sense of the community and promote other australian artists!! Do you think being based in Australia has limitations if your account grows?? (because of increased expenses to collaborate with other artists through travel, flights etc), and why are you interested in V2? be totally honest its anyone’s game! :hugs:


I’m from Brisbane


We are from Perth :grin:

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I’m from Sydney too! Australia has its perks too, as our culture is familiar enough, but still obscure enough (relative to American audiences) to be a point of interest, especially if we’re making ‘Australian’ content.


Im from Queensland, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


idk about that one (sydney too)

Western Australia, please NSW is the best



yeah i thought about that, like those buzzfeed articles about weird things Australians do. I actually really like that i can relate to those "Australian’ things i think thats really cool. But i agree if the content is “Australia specific” i think it could do really well. :smile:

I love NSW!! but i think Australia as a whole has limitations because most of the bigger social media giants are based in the US and many people move out to LA to grow even more. Although within Australia i think that Sydney does has an upper hand with management facilities and contact with opportunities. Not to say that other parts of Australia arent as good because it is mainly what you make of the opportunities available. :hugs:

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Hello!!! I’m from Perth and was originally on the first Vine :slight_smile: I would love to collaborate with other content creators and make some ripper bloody videos. Peace out, my succulent Brussel sprouts x


Definitely living in Sydney would make it a lot easier to collab, but yea LA is where its at tho

I guess if you wanted to collab you could film something and send it to someone else, but that has its limitations. ;(

I’m in Sydney as well, hit me up on instagram if you want to shoot some skits

I had never seen other viners from Perth. Cool!!

Adelaide, here. we defs have a small population but there is always very talented people here! Always keen to find local artists/people :smiley:

Not australian. Just coming in to say how much I love the australian accent


hehe thanks man!

NRL > AFL, Sydney > Melbourne

I’m Australian! I live in Canberra now but go to Melbourne to see family a lot. I don’t create anything but I’m hoping to when v2 comes out