Australia Right now

Does anyone else love in australia at this current point in time and experiencing this stupid weather??
yesterday it was something like 35 degress celcius now its currently 18 and tomorrow.its going to be 40!



Just be grateful you’re not in England :joy::joy:. It was snowing last week, followed by some sunshine a few days ago. Now we’re back to frost…

I sound like a weatherman lmao.


@annam Same over here in Switzerland :rofl:

I wish I could beam myself to Australia :laughing:
We had minus temperatures the past couple of days and yesterday it snowed so much, I nearly lost myself in the snow this morning :laughing: .
But I shouldn’t even be complaining, cause the temperature isn’t as demonic as in Minnesota :sob:
Bless to everyone who had to support the cold over there :pray:



its meant to be 35 degress celcius today… im currentl freezing

edit i look so bad and dead becaus ei literally woke up 10 minutes ago


wtf, meanwhile at Chicago people literally freezing.


Here in the US, there’s some places last week that we’re in the -60 degrees (Fahrenheit) and some places that were more than 100 degrees more, so it kinda sucks

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I think the @kanetwins are from australia too :thinking:But it’s been super cold everywhere bro. smh

how can I love in australia if i don’t even love in my area?

jk but dang these are horror stories :grimacing:

What is Australia? Australia doesn’t exist. A country where everything is upside down? FAKE!


And now it’s at 27 in Sydney. @CaseyZivkov :rofl:

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Last week it was like -30 farenheit where I’m at with a wind chill of -50. Today it broke freezing. Quite the temperature change.

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Yes, we’re from Australia and it super hot! Its been 45 degrees and more and for all the Americans on byte community forums 113 -116 Fahrenheit!!! crazy :fire::fire:

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19 degress here lol

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