Aussie Twin Creators! CRICKEY WATCH OUT!

Hey were twins from Australia and were 17 years old! I am sure you have seen us floating around! As Byte is fast approaching! we wanted to take the opportunity to share our Youtube channel. Currently, we are not posting as we want to divert our attention to BYTE!!! and make the most of this awesome opportunity and honestly, it doesn’t come very often!

So we wanted to use our Youtube Videos as a way to show you what some of our Bytes around comedy will look like when the app comes out! so you guys have an idea of what to expect. As in the end, we worked very hard on our videos and would love to make some people smile. So check us out and learn more about us!!! (let us know what your favorite video is)


We would love to hear your feedback on what you would love to see from us on Byte! Thank you to all the lovely people on this forum your efforts don’t go unnoticed :star_struck::heart:

Heres the link


You guys are going to do awesome! Keep up the great work on YT & Insta and I can’t wait to watch and support you on Byte! #bytefam :wink::sparkling_heart:

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I love Australia

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I’m Australian too. Imagine an Alliance? :sneezing_face::relieved::anguished:

I really wish Newgrounds was more Byte Temp, I’ve differed my love for Internet Orientation towards the Bytes. lol <3 I’m sure you’d understood.

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Yea ik you’ll be up there you 2 are pretty cool


Won’t be surprised when byte comes out they become the next big time influencers