Augment reality mini music video

hi y’all :hibanana:

I wanted to share some of my AR content here on the v2 Forums, as it doesn’t quite fit on my other main channels.

I enjoy writing music, but I always feel the need to have a video accompany it. So, about a year ago I took a stab at making a music video using the Microsoft Hololens. The video was created using an app called 3d Draw. The app allows the user to draw in 3D space with just a finger. There’s a similar app for iOS called light space that I’ll link below for anyone who’d want to try it out.

song title: SMALL TOWN VIEWS

Below is the Light Space app for iOS, it’s similar in the sense that you can draw in 3d space. I tried my best to find a similar app for android, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything :frowning:. Let me know your thoughts if you try it out.

Thanks for checking the video out. I hope everyone is enjoying their FRIDAY!


Woow, this is so unique. Will you post Vs about it?

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That’s a very unexplored idea, I think you have something there :smiley:

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DAANNG that is fancy :heart_eyes: It looks so cool

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@ItsMeJoseGChacin @Thinzy @Tsouth21 Thanks, I’m happy you all enjoyed it. I’ll try to share more BTS content next time.


Yo tf this is the feature of music videos lol or maybe a staple in your music career if you go further with it

This is lit for sure!

honestly looks really cool. AR is the next wave for music videos in due time