Audio tips?

Idk how to even categorize this time. I’ve left for a long time I already don’t know how things work nowadays. Please recategorize if I was wrong.

Hello, it’s iaa, known as oddbydefault on byte. Been here on the forums for more than a year but inactive as hell because of life in general. But now I’m a bit back. I post random, low quality stuff, and a few music, beauty, and art sometimes.

I like to speak and to sing on my videos, but the thing is, the microphone quality on my phone is pretty terrible. It’s so low and silent on my voice especially when I get so distant, but gets the background noises so well. It irritates me.

Not even blaming the app for this. I do my bytes on my phone camera, not the app because the video is awfully compressed when I do on-app bytes. I’m basically blaming on my own phone for this. It’s an issue for me for a long time because It makes a huge impact on my bytes and it’s disappointing. 1. I do ukulele music (I know, crazy) so I always tend to be distant from the phone and I can’t hear myself well, resulting to bad takes or having to forcefully raise my voice that will miss the point and get the song off-key. 2. I also do a lot of speaking but I don’t like to be so close on the camera in order to get heard and my household most likely to tell me to shut up if I get loud and maximize my voice so I always do my bytes quietly and in really low voice.

Do y’all have any hacks/suggestions that you probably know or you personally use to improve the audio quality on your bytes? Please let me know

If you have headphones, the mic on those would perform much better

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Yes. I’ve been doing that before (although sometimes it felt kinda weird for me but it’s effective). But for now I don’t have any headphones yet so once the lockdowns are over, I’ll definitely go and buy one and work on it