Audio out of sync...maybe?

So, does it look like the audio is out of sync in this to you guys? Just slightly? I uploaded this to my side acct earlier today, it was fine (I think) but rewatching several minutes ago, it seems off. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also this one from a little while ago

Maybe it’s just my phone but I don’t think so.

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I’ve noticed it as well. After I’ve edited my videos, the audio is perfect! However after uploading to byte, it gets a slight .5 second audio lag.

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Really weird

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Is there gonna be a fix ?

I slightly noticeable. However I wouldn’t have noticed it as much if you didn’t point it out. But it is weird.

This one it’s not noticeable except for one part where you can see the delay by a couple milliseconds

When I get an audio de-sync it normally comes from me pulling a clip from the byte camera before I put it into editing apps. It’s easy to fix with editing once you’ve seen it a few times but still annoying it needs to be done at all