Audio Compression

Does anyone know if any level of audio compression is applied to the videos? I feel like some people are cranking their stuff super high, which results in lower quality sound. And others have nice sounding videos that aren’t getting heard, because people are turning their phones down for the feed. My feed is all over the place with audio levels. Just bringing up some observations I’ve had.


Yeah I have to really turn my audio levels up just so I can match the volume of the other posts on byte. It can cause a lot of white noise in the background too. I’m not sure what to do sometimes though because I don’t want my videos to be super quiet compared to everyone else lol :confused:


Hmm… No I don’t think they should be any problem with compression because in one of the updates dom added stereo sound compatibility. people are probably rushing out bytes (i am bad for this rn) because the app is fairly new. But over time this might work itself out as people pay more attention to audio levels or such. But idk this is just a theory.

Yeah I’ve noticed how the audio levels on bytes are kind of all over the place. I’m hoping they add an update that includes more audio leveling so I don’t have to be toggling my volume buttons all the way down my feed.

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