ATTENTION: Do NOT play Viewtiful Joe 2 Demo on PlayStation Underground 2004 Holiday Demo Disc

If you own the PlayStation Underground 2004 Holiday Demo Disc, I leave you with this one warning: DO NOT PLAY THE VIEWTIFUL JOE 2 DEMO.

If you play the demo with a memory card plugged into your PlayStation 2, the entire memory card will become corrupted and will require a reformat, losing everything that is currently saved into the memory card. In that instance, you will lose all saved data in the memory card, losing hours upon hours of gameplay in all your PS2 games.


I feel for you bruh, I REALLY do, cause it’s hella unfortunate, but GOTdamn, I find this whole post to be kinda hilarious :joy::ok_hand:t5:.

I’m sorry, good tidings to all PS Underground players :pray:t5:


why am i laughing so hard at this help


I wish I still had my PlayStation :confused: and I always wanted to play viewtiful joe but thanks for the tip

You just saved a life. much appreciated.

Yo when does the ps5 come out.