At what point do channels recieve SPOTLIGHT FUNCTION?

At what point do channels recieve a spotlight feed. Is it when they go over 10k members?


Spotlights are actually hand picked at random from the byte team themselves. So just keep making awesome stuff and eventually they will feature u in there!


I understand that they are handpicked. My query was more so at what point do channels recieve the spotlight treatment.

I notice that lesser channels don’t have a spotlight while most over 10k members do.


No as far as I am aware they don’t look at numbers when they pick for spotlight like I think you could literally be on byte ur first day and make something and they would spotlight it. That is how they did things in their temporarily closed partner program.

no they just pick videos they see and like. So bigger channels are more likely to get it, but just being big doesn’t necessarily get you featured. It can happen with 100 followers, or 1,000, or 10,000.

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I’m on Spotlight with an animation and I’m tiny but posting for fun. I guess it’s posting at the right time of day (if there is a right time) which leads to being seen by the people who select them. That day I somehow ticked all the boxes, and being small didn’t lead to being rejected which is incredibly good.


Same with this. A spotlight of mine was back when I had maybe 300 followers, maybe less. It used the “that’s cool” beat synced to me putting ice in a drink. Really basic, I know, but It was the day beats came out, and I was expirmenting with them. I think the right person saw it and wanted to promote the interesting use. All it takes is execution of an idea and luck.

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I'm not asking how to get featured or how featured videos get picked.

I am asking when does a channel begin to receive the spotlight treatment? At what point does a spotlight appear within a channel? At 10k members? At 5k videos?

I’m really asking out of curiosity.

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You really shouldn’t be using by the word “spotlight” then, because on byte that means featured videos. Are you asking at what point the algorithm starts suggesting your channel a lot?

If you do mean “at what point does a channel get a video spotlighted” again, there isn’t a number, it happens to anyone the team sees fit. You don’t get to post a video knowing it will be spotlighted.

I believe the question being asked is, when does a new channel get a spotlight feature or option. It appears that some new channels don’t even have a spotlight feature yet.


currently, it’s basically an editorial decision. the newer ones don’t have spotlight because it takes some time to get that set up and then maintain. there’s not a hard number but the channels with bigger audiences do get looked at first

we’re still evolving channels so this is likely to change fro the better


Thanks a million, this is what I was looking for :innocent: