At 65 what accomplishments do you want to look back at when you're that old?

At 65 what accomplishments do you want to look back at when you’re that old?

  1. to throw broth over dan
  2. to ban jay everywhere
  3. to gain 20k+ followers on byte x

To have made my parents’ last years their best.


I want to have my own business (not a very big company, I’ve got the idea already), I want to remember the days I went to do altruism in different places all around the world and I want also to remember all the dumb stuff I did.


To have enough money that I can give chunks of it away to the people in my life who deserve it the most


@annam and @BrendanCescon legit some of my dreams

o and Shonzi too that one really resonates with me


I wish we’ll still be alive, if those who have Atomic veto US, China, RUS, UK, FR, India allow us to live.

just feel like I didn’t waste my life I guess. I want to know I did something I can look back on

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I know I just want to make sure that I’ve made choices that I won’t regret and not stressing in my twenties and thirties and love the people around me


Liking the third one

That’s something to be proud of

These are some admirable ambitions

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Giving back when you mean it always feels good

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This one I like the most. Want to be old and said I did some things.

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Stress is a part of life, but it can be bad and good. One might stress a lot in college and then become an engineer, or stress a lot in Buisness but make a full time living. Not all stress is good, but sometimes it is.

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Travel the world and completed all my bucket list


Nothing. Cause I won’t live until then. Morbidly true.

I hope your wish comes true.

Comes true*

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Thanks bud.