ASMR... your thoughts

There was a post here on divination so maybe I thought I could find out the sentiment here on ASMR. What do you think of ASMR videos? Or even ASMR bytes?


I love asmr. I fall asleep to it at times. I’m a huge fan of white noise or like soft music when I sleep. So hearing quiet, relaxing noises until I fall asleep helps me sleep.


Gibi or Gentle Whispering? Or another ASMRtist?

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I would NEVER, EVER tell someone that I like ASMR. It’s a big guilty pleasure of mine.

That being said, I’m a huge ASMR connoisseur. I LOVEEE ASMR, I’ve been always into it since I was literally a kid before anyone knew what it was (I would love getting hair cuts becaude it would trigger my meridian response).

Some of my FAVORITE asmrtists by far: Ephemeral Rift by a MILE, and also ASMR Surge. Rift is awesome for his personality, and Surge is more of an art form. Also, Raphy Taffy ASMR is a classic.


Terrible way to convey information.

I tried it once and the responses I got were along the lines of ‘speak louder’, ‘stop tapping the phone’, ‘you’re talking too quietly’, ‘please don’t waste the emergency services time if you really do need an ambulance then stop whispering and tell us who are you saying has been shot and where are they located’.

So yeah, not for me…


It’s alright if it’s your cup of tea. I know it helps a lot of people sleep, and a lot of people do…other things too :sweat_smile: but I mean as long as it’s not hurting anyone, watch / make whatever content you want.

I love asmr that doesnt have to do with people. Rain, leaves, crickets, wood burning, even sometimes like paper cutting or something can sound nice but personally I’m not a fan of the whispering videos.


Honestly, a bunch of different people. I just search up what I’m in the mood for.

While I lean more toward posting primarily asmr-type content, I don’t think I’m into “true” asmr (I actually kind of dislike whispering, lol). I think the term is used broadly these days to describe content that is focused on audio/visual interest. For instance, all those videos of people smashing glitter slime and play-doh and stuff(?? you guys know what I’m talking about, right?) are considered “asmr” although I think people find it soothing/interesting more than stimulating.

Actually, I wish I knew of a term to describe visually interesting/cool ambient noise content that wasn’t associated with like “intimate” concepts. Birds chirping, rain falling, etc causes a different reaction than having an up-close haircut, but I feel like they both get tagged as asmr.

The whispering asmr sets my teeth on edge. Super helpful and good for other people, not for me.
I do, however, like ambient nature noise. Trees moving in wind, rain, etc.


Absolutely hate it

ASMR peanut butter or banana video? :smirk:

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Your wish is my command :smiling_imp:

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:heart_eyes:cant wait for DanniSMR

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