asking for tips at the end in youtube ?

i think youtube should implement something like "this video is not monetized, support creators by leaving a tip " i think that’ll work well, anything problematic about this?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Many creators link things like Patreon and Ko-Fi in their bios already.

But it’s definitely smart to have many different revenue streams as a video creator because of things like Adpocalypse and the new rules YouTube just rolled out.

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Only problem I have is like me personally, I’d rather watch an ad than tip my money

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I’m not saying everyone has to tip it should be like an option

Which is totally fine. With the new YouTube Partner guidelines, most smaller people won’t be monetized so you wouldn’t be able to watch an ad in support.

But I’ve always been a firm believer that you shouldn’t expect money from viewers. A lot of times, there are viewers who do want to spend their money to support their favorite creators. Mentioning you can tip them is just like them mentioning to subscribe, comment and like. Just a nice reminder that it’s there if you want to particiapte.


Just like the 2009-2012 Youtube Era :frowning:

Exactly @AIexander.

But @krishtalclearr, don’t always wait until the end to mention this. A lot of people don’t watch until the end, which is why many YouTubers mention liking, subscribing & all that BS in the beginning. I’m not saying plug it early in every video. But definitely make sure you vary it from time to time.

I see your point and there are some people who are happy to tip like using super chat but others may not like paying for a generally free service. Although YouTube has recently introduced the support feature which is kind of like patron right there on YouTube

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yeah, youtube wouldn’t do that though,
they demonetize videos according to their ‘policies’ so thats definitely not happening.

there was a time when creators could add a ‘tip or support this creator’ button to their channel, im not sure if this is still around.

controversial part dont hate me

but many youtubers are doing perfectly fine even with the demonetization, some just didn’t manage their money well.

but there are some youtubers for example Andrei Terbea, his ad revenue is locked due to him moving countries.

I have to agree. But that’s what fan funding is for.

Fan Funding on YouTube.