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If there’s money involved, then surely it is an ethical dilemma because you’re profiting off of somebody else’s work, and taking financial gain they haven’t received?

Like, with other forms of curation, like art museums, the artist receives financial compensation.

When you use a meme somebody else has created, do you pay them for it if you’re profiting?


i am fully on the topic, don’t give advice to people on how to grow, make your own content first

This is a whole debate on Creative Commons free use when it comes down to social media that I will not get into

@moderators please close the topic now. I’ve tried to help users and answer FAQs but it’s turning into a shit show

i cant seem to find your posts? can you link me a video on byte you made?

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Closing this topic as requested by op

Do you have resources could you point me to some information which might help me understand?
I’m going to be studying law soon, so it would be greatly helpful.