Ask me Anything about the Algorithm & Growth

I believe I have byte (mostly) figured out. As a bit of a background I work with social media for a living and put an tremendous amount of work in A/B testing to help me understand what works on byte and how the algorithm (in its current version) works.

You can always, on a daily basis, find my posts on the #1 and #2 spots in the /memes channel. Sometimes I even manage to occupy all top 3 spots !

My growth at the moment is 300-1.2k followers/ day. With the big influx of users currently leaving , I’m at around 300-700 followers/day.

I get around 200-3k likes on ALL posts , AFTER 24 HOURS of posting that specific post.

Ask me any questions you have about the algorithm and I’ll do my best to answer !

EDIT : this is the best way I could think of to give something back to the community !

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How do you have enough creativity to come up with so many meme ideas each day?


I know you’re trying to be sarcastic, but I’ll still explain it !
Niche pages are part of every social network out there.

Please keep in mind that 5M followers on a niche page = to ONLY 500k-1M followers that an influencer has.

Influencers have more engaged/loyal fans and bigger earnings than niche pages.

Niche pages are a big business, and as I mentioned, I’m working with social media for a living.

Now if you have an actual question about the algorithm or growth I’d be more than happy to help you out as much as I can :slight_smile:

how do you get original content to succeed without being stolen by a larger account?


Post unfunny videos

that amazing moment when you ask a real question and get a needless rude and sarcastic answer :whips:


Do you feel as if there’s an ethical dilemma for posting content that you don’t own? Idk I would just feel weird and guilty to post videos that I don’t own and get engagement from that


Not as long as big money is involved.

Meme pages like memezar / cow belly pull in 7 figures a year.

Meme pages don’t harm any creators whatsoever. Have a look at my page. Do you see any specific creators ? It’s people from news segments and comercials or similar stuff at most.

hi i have a question, make your own content


Sorry no can do. I’m a niche page and not a creator :hugs:


make your own content idk


Sending much love in your direction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Q: Ethical dilemma?
A: Not if there’s enough money

Money doesn’t remove the ethical dilemma, it just allows one to feel justified in making the unethical decision.


Everything you make on byte belongs to you. Only post stuff that you yourself make.

-byte team


I have a very open mind when it comes down to ethics

Lovely quote @cark :hugs:

Now let’s keep this ON TOPIC any algorithm questions more than welcome

your growth is meaningless as you are not growing from your own work


You’re welcome to have any opinion you want.

Now back to the topic , please :wink: