Ask a stupid question

Where did that block come from

Who created the oak wood block

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Anyone else keep getting emails from ‘Shona B’ when it’s about byte forum?

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bruh…im dead LMFAOOOO

i still get them sometimes

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Have you ever been so far as to even pretend to even want to go to do more like?


There was one time I was in the safari with my friends. They wanted me to cross the scary bridge across the great 1000ft high cavern. We had gone so far. I didnt really want to cross the bridge, but I had to pretend to even want to go do more; that is, do a handstand across the bridge.

This was just to impress my friends, and it was total pretending because I was scared out of my mind. In the end I faked a leg injury and didn’t cross the bridge. Then Bear Grylls’ helicopter guy came and got me.

LMAO oop ;$

Have you ever fed a chicken kfc while in the middle of your field

What’s Obama last name



Obama bama

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whats the meaning of life

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Are you sure its not Brock?

Why is the sky blue?

If you’re your you when you’re not me, then why is me the same as I?

to live

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do you think the dab is funnt