As for the hero you needed

My dear Versi, how have things been at the temple since I made my departure? I am still sorry about that but we both know it was my path, to lead the Mythros temple of the Five. I believe I have done my job well and found that hero you were wanting. A half elf named Konstantina. I have done my best to teach her how to use the gifts of the gods but at times she would master the lessons I gave her so fast that I am sure she has been given The Gift Of The Gods. She has yet to be tested beyond the circumstances of her birth but my only worry for her journey is for her companions. Kon is the most dedicated hero in all of Thylea. The only thing I have been unable to teach her has been interacting with others. She knows not of her parents so her history only goes as far back as the day she first came to the temple with the other children looking for food. I have long held the practice of giving the local children a bite to eat so long as they give me their ear in return. Little Kon was one of the few that drank up the stories of the gods just as readily as she drank her soup. Never one to deny a child the chance to grow closer to their gods I started giving her private lessons near daily, anytime she came to the temple. She is the most devoted and powerful that I have seen. No doubt she will serve you and the lands of Thylea well. May the gods bless you and your chosen heros. - Darius

Greetings Oracle. I am Konstantina, a holy servant of The Five. I humbly answer your call for heroes to protect this land from those that wish to end the era of peace. This land is my home and I would be honored to show the rage of my gods to any who dare endanger it. May the gods bless you and those that you love. - Konstantina

yes thank you

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