Artsy funny genuine ppl

HEY if ur really artsy but have a rest personality in general and you’re really funny, nice, and genuine all together let’s all connect we need each other u kno :heart:️:heart:️


I’m not artsy but I’m everything else :laughing::blush::blush:

that’s all you need :two_hearts:

Lol I second this haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yellow_heart: (I’m nice I promise)

pshh as long as we get along that’s all you need :slight_smile:

Of course we will tho :yellow_heart::wine_glass:

umm yeah that mee i guess hahaha

what are your socials? let’s talk through there :slight_smile:

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u sound a bit uncertain there :thinking::thinking:

Twitter and Instagram: @Sofialopezos :two_hearts::balloon:

i am uncertain about that artsy part i am certain about others

you don’t have to be all of the above just genuine people that can have a good time and are great to surround yourself with is all that matters

I am funny, i think :thinking:

I think I’m artsy and people tell me I’m funny so, I guess I’m in that camp

hmm i’m not sure if i fall under this category but heres my twitter LOL @gracefullyodd and my instagram @mxhamaliii

My last girlfriend told me I was on the artistic spectrum before she broke up with me! :smiley:

I’m an illustrator and stuff. Sometimes I make jokes? Not sure about the criteria these days, xD