Artists of Byte!

The /art page is now my absolute favorite place to post and connect with people. If you haven’t seen it yet, scroll through and come back. I’ll wait.

If you’re a byte artist, hop on here and introduce yourself to the rest of the class. Y’all need some hype!

Please post -
Byte name
Media and medium of choice
How long you’ve been making stuff
Your biggest influences
Your own personal favorite piece
Your IG or online portfolio outside of byte. (if you have one)

I’ll start.

Hey, I’m Jaurshe. (Pronounced JAWRSH)

Digital artist. Preferably the procreate app (and sometimes pen and ink)

Been drawing and making stuff since I was 3.

Biggest influences are comic artists like Mike Mignola, Chris Bachalo, Tony Moore, Dan Schoening, Eric Powell, Frank Quitely and Jill Thompson. Also abstract painters like Mark Rothko, Kandinsky and Helen Frankenthaler. Love their colors.

My personal favorite piece that I’ve posted so far…

And I have an art IG @clinton_illustration.


byte: emmanuela
traditional art. i sketch w/ pens and paint w/ acrylics
i’ve been drawing since august 2019, and painting since around november!
art tiktok: emmanuelaart
art insta: efmartt



That’s amazing! Love it. Glad you’re here!


Hi! I’m charlotte
I use digital, mostly procreate but I use pen in my sketchbook a lot too!
Hmmm since I was a kid but I think I got more serious in high school sooo 9 years?
My biggest influences are Simini Blocker, Jake Wyatt, Sam Bosma, and Anthony Holden
My insta is @charlotteblocker

Nice to meet all of you!!


Woo!! Love your work! You’re so great at setting a real mood and telling a story with the environment. They all feel real and lived in. So glad you’re with us!


Thanks!!! That’s so nice I appreciate that

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Hello, I am Leroy
I enjoy mostly painting and drawing. I’m trying to get into digital.
I have been doing art for most of my human lifespan.
I love creators like Trever Henderson, zdzisław beksiński, and Will Burke
I don’t post anywhere for privacy (Maybe I should anonymously post?)
Here is my favorite work so far


Yo, names Nathan.
I enjoy drawing, doodling n such.
I’ve been drawing since I was 6.
I like some popular artists in the internet here and there
Sometimes I don’t post them, but I will.
Personal favorite piece of mine is just a wallpaper thing I made.

My Twitter is here:


Firstly, thank you for this thread :slight_smile:
Hello all artists! My name is Rae, like the sunshine :wink: (same handle as here on byte)

I definitely consider myself more of a traditional artist, although I do have a recently acquired Wacom tablet. I just don’t find anything more satisfying than the feeling of pencil to paper.

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. Before the age of 12, I wasn’t as focused on my artwork as I am now, though.

I don’t really have any specific influences that I can think of. If you don’t include Mr. Ross, that is :wink:

I know it may be kind of corny, but I personally prefer to not have a favorite piece of art. Every piece is my favorite piece, for real.

And lastly, my Instagram is:

I look forward to meeting all the great, creative minds out there!


Holy crap - that is awesome. Would love to see more. But I understand and respect your privacy. Thanks so much for sharing!

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That’s so fun!! Yeah, man keep them coming!

WOO!!! So glad you are here. Your work has really stood out from when you joined us a couple days ago. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

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I’m new to Byte!
I’ve been writing and recording my original music for 7 years
Influences of mine are The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller
My fav personal piece is my song “I Could Never” (@Duthie on all streaming platforms)
IG: @Juliaduthie Byte: @Duthie


I’m happy to be here! Thank you so much for being so supportive of my work. It really does mean a lot! :yellow_heart:

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Awesome!! Can’t wait to give it a listen. Welcome to the app!

AWW THANK U!!! this made my night… feels great to be recognized, hope u like it and share with friends!

Much love and good wishes,

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HII I’m Senna : ) aka spaceserenade on byte.
I’m a mostly digital artist and for the time being i don’t have anything to work on but i before this i used Photoshop and Procreate for a while.
Only for 5 years have i really been actively drawing but ofc since i was a small child i was already drawing.
my biggest influences are classical art pieces (preferably the Pre-Raphaelites) Greek mythology and Alchemy, some of my favorite modern artists are Ignasi Monreal and Lizbeth Rojas
My instagram is @/flyingmists and im active on Artstation as sennarabia.
this is one of my favorite pieces i’ve done so far caerulus dnacer|411x500

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Uhhhhhhh holy crap?!

  1. you have excellent taste in your influences.

  2. your work is BEAUTIFUL! I so desperately wish I could paint digitally like that. I figured maybe I could get the hang of it with enough time and work, but it still wouldn’t be close to that. So so good.

We’re so glad you’re here! You should definitely share your stuff with the community.

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Thank you so much!!! it means alot :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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