Artist's Coalition

I’ve read some posts and from what i’ve read i have realized that a lot of us want to be creators (now known as artists) in v2. Most of us come from the bottom. We are not famous or really recognized so I Believe that if we actually want to have a chance of succeed we must work together. We must not see each other as a rival or as an enemy. We must look at each other for help and for colaborations. We must see each other as a big family of people who are just pursuing a dream. so now i ask… who is in?

I suggest you write what kind of content you are making, and that way, people with similar interests can join you.


thanks for the advice. I will be creating content that at least can make one person smile. (pranks, jokes, daily life parodies)

Family first :100:

We are a great family not enemies, we must learn that