Artist Reel

I tried to post this yesterday but the 24 hour post limit kept me from living my best life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another idea I had was a feature on an Artists’s profile which would be called something to the effect of “Artist Reel”. Similar to pinned posts, I have seen lightly discussed throughout the forum!

The Reel would be a section underneath the user info (profile picture, bio, etc) and above their videos. This section would feature up to 5 videos chosen by the artist to highlight whatever it is they wish to highlight. Ideally, this section would feature a horizontal scroll for extra effect!

If the person is a musician, they can create 5 cohesive videos that loop perfectly to showcase their talents. I’d say the videos automatically go to the next whilst also giving the artist the option to loop the reel or have it play once

The Artist could also title the Reel whatever they wish or keep it at the basic name it is given.

It would also be cool if they had the option to hide the reel videos from their feed meaning while regularly scrolling, you wouldn’t see those videos. I think this would be a plus for someone who just uploads funny videos but has a talent of making music (for example) they don’t necessarily care about showcasing on vine. They’d title the reel section “Joey’s Hidden Talents”.

There could also be a toggle so a viewer can hide the section.

I don’t necessarily envision this feature being capable of receiving likes/comments etc, simply a little showcase! Minimal so it doesn’t clutter up the profile

I think the cap of five 6 second videos (or whatever the video limit is) which lead to really cool reels as artists get creative!

And of course, this section would be 100% optional so if someone doesn’t want to have a reel, they don’t have to worry about it at all :grin:


This would be a great idea! It’s a good way for bigger crestors to promote others too

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ooo yes! I didn’t even think of that!

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Basically a film reel?

Love this idea :bulb:


Ayee this is so cool! bumpin this for originality


Pretty much! Just made up of 1-5 six second clips (or however long the videos will be)


Such a genius idea! This is so cool!


Is this similar to how Instagram has their highlight feature

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Basically yeah but in a more cool video form

That would be a cool feature.

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Similar! Rather than being little excerpts you’d click, it would be full size clips right on the account page :grin:

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Would you just swipe right and left to view the clips in the reel?

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Ideally, the artist would also have the option of having the clips transition automatically after one finishes, or whether it would be up to the viewer to scroll left or right

And of course, if they choose to have it on an automatic setting, they can also choose whether the full reel will loop after completion or if it will just play once (automatically)

Good work on this :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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thank you! :blush::metal: