Article says we can't make it

I found this article and its interesting… tell me what you think.

Im hoping that V2 is not going to be as difficult as a Youtuber. I know you have to work very hard on every social media platform to gain a following, but im hoping its not going to be hard as youtube like the article says. Right now Im working on my channel and I think Im doing decent… … small plug… thanks


Great reply by Casey Neistat on that


The article also talks about Youtube right now; V2 will just be starting and have a high potential of growth like Youtube did when it started out; in fact, (as you probably know already) there’s a lot of hype about V2 outside of the forums and Twitter updates; Gary Vaynerchuk (a media think tank) made a quick comment on how V2 (he refers to it as ■■■■■■ :unamused:) will be a big deal in his Agent 2021 speech


I think with v2 there will have to be a balance between the top 3% and the rest of undiscovered. That way we will all be happy.


I can see their point in a way, but yes I hope that V2 will be more successful as well


Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way, but even if it’s true, I don’t think it’s a big problem for v2. I don’t see v2 (or YouTube, for that matter) as being a job/career for me in the future. If I participated, it would probably just be a hobby. And if I can make even one person’s day a little brighter through a funny (or stupid) 6.5-second video, then it’s all worth it, and I don’t need to make money off of that.

Or, like I said, maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way and that’s just wishful thinking. Who knows?


i really hope v2 wont be as hard to startup and maintain than youtube


I mean the videos are shorter so it has to be easier, right? :joy:jk but whatever happens, at least in the beginning V2 will not be able to be a “career” for anyone until it grows into something. You might, however, be able to use it as a platform to gain a following and then try to transfer them over to a website, youtube channel, or other social media accounts where you have a chance at making a living. The best advice I’ve heard is to try not to be dependent on one website, app, or service. Let V2 be a platform for people to discover YOU, not just your account. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket no matter what you do, stay diverse and adaptable and you’ll do great!


I wouldn’t base the level of success on a single article written by an individual not involved in the field. It does provide interesting points though.


I agree, it’s just one article. Does kinda make you think about where society’s headed tho.


That article is stupid. Anyone who plans to make youtube their full time career off of adsense alone shouldn’t be making videos on the platform for success because they clearly don’t have any knowledge when it comes to basic business and marketing. Most youtubers don’t make their money off of adsense, they make it off of merchandise, tours, meet and greets, books, sponsorships, etc…


That’s right! A lot of people forget that video-monetization their videos does not account for all of a YouTuber’s revenue (in most cases).

the official v2 twitter account had 60k followers and not even 12 tweets. people are so hyped!

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it’s okay, it’s your passion

I think lack of collabs is what makes the struggle more now. Back then they saw value in collabing. That’s what smaller creators lack these days

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yes and that’s becoming more and more problem with the ad problem recently. a little unfortunate.

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I agree in that collabing is important despite being difficult to organise sometimes

Not the first article like that I’ve seen by a country mile, plenty of very similar analysis out there, showing how difficult it is to become a superstar in social media. As V2 is social media the exact same applies here.
Only a tiny percentage reach huge success, same as for popstars, sports stars, highly successful CEOs or actors. A smaller minority will get along (just about), but the vast vast vast majority will earn next to nothing.

So if your goal is to be a YouTuber or a V2er as a job, then you need to think again. And think hard. Very hard. By all means, by creative, follow your dreams, but have a day job, have a realistic escape route if your dream doesn’t come through (which it almost certainly won’t).

Don’t just think you will be like the guy Casey talks about, these are very far and few between. They are the extreme exception. Yes, they happen, but again, there are only a handful of people who achieve that. And believe me, there’s a 99.78% probability it won’t be you.

Oh, and if you think you’re good enough to crack it on V2, then you would also be good enough to crack it on YouTube. It’s about the talent, the topic, the creativity, not the tool. So why haven’t you?

Gary refers to it as what??

vne 2, instead of V2

It was blocked out due to custom forum settings

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