✅ Article: Here's How V*** Replacement V2 Will Work

This Techcrunch article was posted two weeks ago, but is an interesting read. Most of the stuff they mention is already known by most people who frequent these forums, but it’s a good compilation and overview of what we already know.

Did they get it right? What do you think?


Good stuff! Definitely summarizes things but leaves some things yet to be discovered! No mention of teams but for the topic of the article I don’t think it needed to be brought up. I think the summarization did it justice for sure!

Nice post

They actually did mention the Teams feature, in the 3rd paragraph under “The Community” heading.

And to stoke collaboration between content creators that v2 calls “artists”, there’s a Team feature. “A Team’s profile page will list its members, and the members have the ability to promote and repost Team posts to their own timeline (even with alternate captions)” Hofmann explains. The collaboration behavior, where artists appear in and promote each other’s videos, was popularized on Vine since videos took so little time to create and many artists lived close to each other in LA. The team-ups led to some of the app’s most creative content, so v2 is hoping to facilitate co-starring.


Nice article. :slight_smile: Sums up most things that we already know, indeed.

Yep pretty much a neat summary that I’d send to my friends who aren’t on the forum :joy:

I really like that article! Covers things pretty well!

It’s a good article

Hey! I’ve actually got a thread going on V2 press coverage:

Great, other media talking about V2 is very good! It’s a pity that in my country, for now, no media talk about this