Article 13 will it affect byte on what videos to upload

i read a lot into Article 13 will it affect byte into what videos people can upload its going be hell for you tube as well when it is passed into law


What is article 13 tho?

its a new EU law that may be passed into law in jan 2019 we may be block from uploading any more new videos to you tube and there is a link tax on top of this as well i do not no if this new law apply to video upload apps as well its all over twitter as well loads of news on it


Never heard of that but we will see

i hope to god not


Something tells me this is just as the thing that went really viral like a year ago that said that internet and apps usage would start costing but it didn’t happen

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just move to america if that happens :us:

Article 13 is a copyright law also known as “Meme ban” for those who haven’t heard of it.

“Simply put, the Directive on Copyright places more responsibility on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure that copyrighted materially isn’t being illegaly shared on their platforms. Until now, the onus has mostly been on the copyright holders – usually the companies that produce audio, video or written content – to enforce copyright protection but under the new law this responsibility will shift onto the major platforms themselves”, quote from wired article.


Watch the beginning of the video if you want to know about it

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He isn’t it about copyright? As long as you post orignial content that you actualy made (like you’re supposed to do) you’ll be fine.

probs wont

It will probably pass, but we have until 2022 to make some quality memes :smiley: then it’s gg for:

Let’s plays
Memes that include copyrighted content
It basically Blocks EVERYTHING that is copyrighted.

:’(((((( r i p

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it wont affect byte if you make original vids

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^ my thing is making funny edits with copyrighted music and material tho :unamused:

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Yeah Artical 13 is really going to hurt Europe except the UK if Brexit goes through

I got a bad feeling about this, I kinda wanna just punch the guy who made it in the face multiple times :joy::exploding_head: but I won’t, because I’m a normal person…

God this shit sucks

I don’t think so…

I watched Pyro’s video on it and he said we’re still affected by it as Brexit is in the Transitional period… Ffs, I actually liked Brexit for a second :joy::joy:

RIP me & @ShonziTho lol.

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you liked brexit? y i k e s