Are you sick of RIP V*** compilations?

I’m interested to see peoples opinions on RIP vine compilations on YouTube, are you sick of them? do you still love them? I’m going to make one and I want to know if it’s worth it to post it to youtube


To be honest, I didn’t really support Vine compilations at all. They took the Vines people made and re-posted them on YouTube. Then monetized the videos they didn’t own and made tens of thousands of dollars stealing copyrighted material. They didn’t constitute fair use either because nothing was added, it was just a re-uploaded content. That’s why I hope as a v2 community, we can stop people from stealing content. Like notifying each other when a video is re-uploaded without permission.

But enough complaining from me, I find the RIP Vine compilations really repetitive at this point.


True, I didn’t even think of that before tbh. I was just enjoying watching the vines :joy: thanks for your input

they’re kinda boring to me, and hard to understand, so i don’t really watch them. i’ve only seen like 2 good ones.

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yeah I was starting to think people were getting bored of them

it’s not like they aren’t popular though, some recent ones have gathered millions of views!

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Only because usually when you watch about two of them, you pretty much watched them all.


yeah I guess that’s true :joy:

make sure you have a good title though, not just RIP Vine compilation. Actually, maybe that could work. idk you do you.

yeah originally I was just gonna make one so I could see all my fave vines in one video and i though maybe I’d post it but I wanted to see peoples opinions on videos like it first

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coolio, but we’re only so big! just do it if you’d enjoy it.

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No, because it reminds me of the old days and I am looking forward to the more cool videos to come. :slight_smile:

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yeah, can’t wait for a new generation of videos on v2

my dream is to end up in one of the v2 compilation videos :smiley:

yesss I’m so excited omg :star_struck:

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@ this point they all have relatively the same vines in them lmao- find ones that AreN’T “yOU aLmOsT made mE dRoP mY cRoiSsaNt”


ahahaha ok

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They never gave credit to original creators, I’ll admit Ive watched some since the ending but I wouldn’t say they’re all that

I think unless they’re posted by the owner of the content it’s effectively stealing someone’s copyrighted material so I disapprove, some people worked really hard to make those vines.

yes, i’m kind of sick of them because they are all mostly just the same vines so it feels like a bunch of people are posting essentially the same video