Are you on the spot or do you like to practice before recording

I’m definitely on the spot ! Coming off the top of my head with funny stuff is my specialty lol it’s in my DNA

I practice a lot because I’m shy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I practice a lot but hopefully V2 will raise my confidence and pull some amazing “on the spot” content out of me

Like 20 takes before posting

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I also practice a lot, I practice as long as I can because I’m an actor :yum:

I’m the same. I just think of something and I’m like THIS ONE

I write my videos ahead of time with each shot, background, clothing planned so I also need my acting to come out just as I wanted it to. It takes a few tries… :joy:

Usually have a rough idea what I’m going to say/film then have a couple of tries then upload the best one

When i come up with an idea, i start off from the top of my head. But when i start messing up, i restart over and over, until its good enough. So in a way, i practice. And the best thing is, i have no script.

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I feel like the best ideas come from on-the-fly recording

Im on the spot. I have around 300 ideas and theyre looking good! Hopefully they will be when the app comes out

i got a feeling that “on the spot” content is way more funnier and feels more original than planned…but hey if ure a good actor u could def act it out as original

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