Are you Guys Going to keep your current Username for V2?


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We are unable to keep our usernames which we have now. When the app comes out then we will have to sign up and then we can enter a username we want to have. I’m hoping to have my name.

Did @dom say that usernames on the forums won’t be reuse on v2?

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(1st sentence)

uh, I’ve seen it when it was released.

Yep, i will use the same

I hope to but I doubt I’ll get it so I’ll probs choose something new

Eu queria usar meu nome de agora mais é provável que não dê… Então que venha o novo app é o novo nome, vamos fazer história!

@alice if you download the app on the release date, I definitely think you could get that username; there aren’t too many Alice’s around.

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Nah I’m going to change it, probably something kinda like a fan page, but since I’m over those I would just be original

I hope so

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Even if I sign up again, I’ll keep my username. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep my username.

Another person in this forum that I was talking to on snap gave me a really good idea for a username so I’m gonna use that instead of @mason_paper. I feel like if I actually want to be successful on this I need something different than what I’ve been using.