Are you guys/girls addicted to anything?

Lol, so Idk if I want to call it an addiction, but I just got addicted to PUBG mobile (phone game) and I’m trying to stop playing it less and less lol. Are you guys/girls addicted or have been addicted to anything and what are some ways you have stopped. I’m on spring break rn so I guess Ill keep the game on my phone fore a few more days before I delete it or should I delete it rn???

Coffee and smoking :scream:

i’d say delete it when ur done so that you don’t feel a need to download it again

vine compilations


Rip off the bandaid. It’s the best way to do it, otherwise you’ll just keep coming back!

self deprecating jokes


I’m not trying to be funny, but The Dolan Twins, and I think its a problem. I feel like I put so much energy into them, too much. I feel like it is getting un-healthy. I am being serious.


Chewing on things I shouldn’t chew on.

Addicted to bagels

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addicted to this forum


Cocaine is more my thing but PUBG is cool too.

Just kidding.

Im addicted to Netflix lol

I used to be VERY addicted to gum where gum papers would end up everywhere :upside_down_face: But not anymore cause acid reflux from it messed me up for the long term :grimacing:

addict to PUBG mobile sigh

:eyes: :eyes:

magic and making videos

IVE never done it, so it’s all good

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Overwatch :drooling_face: