Are you creating a Hobby or a Brand?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of alllllll agesssss!

Adam2Miles here and just wanted to say I’m liking what I’m seeing on this forum.

What are you ■■■■■■ themes going to be? How are you going to market yourself? What’s your goal or end game look like?

I personally plan on using this to platform start a comedy channel and bridge it to my youtube channel as well as represent my brand Improvisual Apparel.

Improvisual Apparel -
Twitter - @Adam2Miles
Instagram - @Adam2Miles
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A hobby, I like to edit in my free time & since I constantly feel underrated compared to the editors that use ae on instagram, I should get a different vibe from v2

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I just want to be creative, it’ll be more like a hobby for me… :grin::grin:

I just wanna create content and be creative

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Why not both? If you love your job/brand it’s not a job anymore and more of a hobby that you get paid for.

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Start off as a hobby, get big and turn it into a brand

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totally agrre!!

A hobby that hopefully turns into a brand.


Same here!

Hobby for now, would absolutely love to build into a brand though!

I think I’d start it off as a hobby, photography is a small hobby for me for now but I’d like to expand that and start to get into film more too overtime and try to make some sort of career out of it. I think V2 could help me a lot with that :blush:

Mainly just a hobby to have fun with but getting an audience to share my content with would be cool.

I dig this feed back you guys are going to crush it!!!

It will be a hobby for me, i want to be an great actor

Oh man I didnt realize that