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If your not using this thread to progress on byte then… idk whats happening


So are you suggesting to just post in the top channels despite the content? Or change up content to fit in the channels? Either way doesn’t sit right with me haha

I like the breakdown though and will maybe have a look into it further.

Ps. I’m a bit naive here as I don’t bother to follow channels but do all channel posts show in your feed if you follow it then? That seems…unbarable :rofl:

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No, you want to post in places where there are a ton of members and a low amount of videos. Places that are essentially undeserved. For example, animation is undeserved by a whole lot! But yet if you posted there your almost guaranteed to “blow up” in those channels.

I’ve been following my own advise after I charted this and have been popping up high on the list of “popular” on several channels since then. Like my last video is in animation. Last I checked I was on the 4th row of popular.(it might have changed idk, i posted it yesterday)

But equally so, bad content does not get a ton of likes just cause you posted in a great channel.

Post great content in underserved channels.:+1:

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Does that post fit in animation?

I’m a fan of this, but would feel dirty posting irrevilent content to channels haha. I’m intrigued though, my interest piqued! I may experiment a bit…

Wow, thanks for creating this graph—this is rad! Just reviewed the data and it’s great to see in chart form. Interestingly, I posted on horror for the first time and that video is not getting much action which if the logic is you can get more viewers if on a channel that has a high member to vid ratio then that must just mean my video wasn’t horrific enough! :octopus:


A lot of the members are inactive now

Although this is interesting information, I’m not sure how gaming the system helps make ones content doper, or how it makes for an overall better communal experience.

A good technique? Make dope content relevant to the channels. The people will find you.



My post is the bit for Byte one. I’ve posted in what I believe are some of the most relevant to my video. So here are screenshots of multiple videos in “popular”.

Something else to consider is the potential for a channel to grow. For example, learn, animation, singing, weebs, and trending channels.

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what I’m not suggesting is that you should post anywhere just cause or that you will magically blow up. But you can significantly boost your chances getting on popular and getting more likes.

Also, you should check out my videos just to see that I’m not posting 100% random trash. That’s all


I say post multiple horror videos, I post a lot of videos in learn with my bit fir byte series. Now I usually get on the popular page of that channel.

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Your right, it doesn’t make your content better, it gets into a better audience.

I appreciate your hustle, but, what you’ve provided here only shows how to target an audience by exploiting the ratio of users to posts in a given channel, while simultaneously disrupting the definition – and overall enjoyment – of said channel. As presented, while it may contribute to a user’s “success,” it does not also provide a plan conducive to the healthy growth of a channel, or the app overall. there’s a certain level of moral hazard here that I’m not comfortable with.

I reiterate: Make dope videos relevant to the channel. The people will find you.


I think the whole point was to consider making videos outside of the genre or you’re used to posting in (that can still be dope).

Very useful if you’re out of ideas for the usual content you make.


Take it as you will. You don’t have to use my stated methods. But I’ve show that the way I’ve been operating is fine. This is to help you plan what audiences to target if you have videos that fit a specific channel. I also urge people in my previous post and in my thread not to post random videos that don’t fit the channel rules (people already do that enough).

If you have methods that might help others grow please start a thread. And your welcome to view my videos to see how they fit very well with the channels rules.:+1:

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I understand your intent, but the issue here is that as presented, this will create a moral hazard - an unintended consequence as a result of people using this data in ways that do more harm than good. this is especially a concern given the current state of moderation on the channels.